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full article from Texas Monthly May 2012 Downward Dog John Friend is the charismatic founder of Anusara, a style of yoga started in The Woodlands fifteen years ago. Pose by pose, he built Anusara into a hugely popular global brand, with adherents everywhere from Japan to Israel. Then he found himself entangled in a string [...]


If you haven’t noticed we yogadorks are huge fans of the Namaste Book Club! And so we are super thrilled to be a part of their great meditation challenge, ‘Meditate on This’, a month-long journey through daily meditation practice. Without too much YD yapping, we’ll just let Namaste Book Club founders, the fabulous Nancy Alder [...]


Well here we are in February, a whole new month! And you know what that means.. new challenge for the lulu lollies! Feb happens to be Black History Month and after January’s malappropriate foray into the political  forum and the subsequent debacle, we’re relieved, yet surprised, the luluheads steered clear of further social and racial [...]

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If you think yoga teacher is a dream job, you might want to keep your day job. CNNMoney/PayScale’s top 100 careers “with big growth, great pay and satisfying work” is out and you’ll never guess what made the list. OK, you can probably guess thanks to our headline and intro…Ranking in at top job number 10…is…drum [...]


Palestinian women looking for a sense of peace are taking up the ancient practice By JOSHUA MITNICK In the village of Ni’lin, on the West Bank, the class began with Palestinian women sitting cross-legged in a darkened room of the local community center. They had shed their head scarves and hijab dresses, revealing shorts and sweatpants. [...]


While some of you would rather vinyasa over hot coals than hear more Anusara beeswax, there are still many practitioners, teachers and bystanders left in limbo, feeling frustrated and utterly perplexed, especially after the latest missives transmitted from Anusara HQ.


Shhh…can you hear that?…it’s the sound of little lulu lollies tap-tapping their keyboards infusing greatness into the internet … Things sure have been quiet in Lululand, it’s like they’re plotting a devious plan to launch online retail and take over the internets with a blog, or something.   But seriously, elevating the internet “from mediocrity to [...]

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Lululemon is threatening us with a new challenge for each month this year (and a new blog to come some time soon). This is the first “challenge”: “In the spirit of change and renewal that comes with a new year, this month we challenge you to share your BHAGs with us.” In Luluspeak, BHAG (pronounced [...]