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This Just In! Missouri next in the yoga taxation smackdown! Texas to follow in licensing regulation. Kansas City, MO (via KCStar): “The Department of Revenue on Sunday began enforcing collection of a 4-percent tax on yoga and Pilates classes…” Why? Because they are now considered commercial and places of “amusement, entertainment or recreation.” But Debbie [...]


A number of long-time yoga teachers are deciding to stop referring to what they teach as yoga. In the past, the term yoga represented a freedom to explore and discover truths outside western cultural norms. Now that yoga has largely become a western cultural norm, fueled by the advertising prowess of a multi-billion dollar industry and challenged by scholars questioning appropriation


Here it is…it happened. The very first International Yoga Day. While the world participated in the official day of global yoga celebrations (or in some cases organized protests) we have to wonder, dear readers, if/what/how did you celebrate? International Yoga Day was June 21, which was also the Summer Solstice so you might have already [...]


As yoga expands, it’s also getting smaller. Smaller in the sense that members of the yoga community are increasingly focusing their attention on the microcosms and smaller pockets that exist amongst practitioners that have been otherwise overlooked, and in many cases, underserved. This is partly why the Yoga Service Council came to be in the [...]


Fierce debate springs eternal among yoga enthusiasts regarding the merits of purely fitness-based sensibilities in yoga practice. Usually, it starts with someone from the more-than-fitness side feeling compelled to say out loud that Yoga is not just working out.


Is yoga fitness? Should it be taxed as so? Will practitioners have to pay for it? These are questions on New York studio owners’ minds lately. For years yoga has slid by without paying NY sales tax. That changed last April when the New York Department of Taxation and Finance ruled to include yoga studios in the category of businesses based around fitness rather than movement spaces (dance studios aren’t taxed). Since then, yoga studios have been getting audited across the city and the tax man is coming to collect, which could slam some and bankrupt others.


Some of you may be aware of Yoga for NY and the battle they fought two years ago (and won) against NY State over licensing fees. They organized to rally against government regulation but have stayed united as an organization ever since. A few weeks ago, YFNY came together again to discuss recent legal challenges, predominantly, the sales tax issue, that isn’t only affecting NY but other states and studios across the country.


By Darla Magee You know how they say “flexible mind, flexible body”? I’ve really taken this maxim to heart as I’ve been working my way through the #365Yoga project. Today — day #266 — I can honestly say that having an open mind about my yoga practice has been the only reason I’ve been successful and [...]


Free to Om. Oh it is so official. Governor Paterson has signed the bill! NY yogis (studios with teacher trainings) are now lawfully exempt from government regulation and costly licensing fees. Karate instructors can rejoice as well (they’re included!) as NY Governor David P-dog signed the legislation just earlier today. “This legislation is important in [...]