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Photo credit: Jeffrey MacMillan/Capital Business

At least we didn't say circus, right? Right. An article from today's Washington Post sheds light on the increasingly gimmicky and bells and tassles and whistles and feathers-laden the yoga world has become - essentially a carnival. Without necessarily deciding if this is an inherently "good" or "bad" thing it's rather fascinating to observe what [...]


Marijuana is getting more legal, but is smoking pot and yoga kosher? Formalities and legalities aside, the once stoner-scented trend of getting high before yoga class is now turning into a legit phenomenon. No longer a punch line, yogis are lining up for "enhanced" yoga classes. Well, at least they are in San Francisco.

Photo credit: Fred Norris/FOX

Seasonally appropriate, here's Ichibod Crane from Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" learning about yoga. The image is from the October 27th episode “And the Abyss Gazes Back,” where our Revolutionary protagonist explores tree pose and headless horseman pose, presumably. Why yoga? Why not? Showrunner Mark Goffman told TVLine that the Crane-meets-yoga “is gonna be great” which is [...]

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New York yoga studios are facing a crucial question that could make or break their business: are yoga teachers employees or independent contractors? This has been a hot topic not only recently, but drawn out over the past few years, stemming back to the tax audits which took place in 2011 and 2012. At the [...]

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Sadly, Kali Barbie will not be seeing the light of day, or exhibit hall. Remember? The blue plastic doll fashioned as Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, including a severed head, which we were all a little unsure about? It's part of the “Barbie, the Plastic Religion” series by Argentinian artists Pool Paolini and [...]

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Lululemonville has been relatively quiet lately, after surviving a whole mess of troubles over see-through pants, questionable marketing tactics and Chip Wilson-isms. But lest we forget how individual stores themselves seem to get into their own embarrassing jams, this Buffalo faux pas is here to remind us. Employees at the Buffalo Lululemon store have been forced [...]


Literally right around the corner could be your opportunity to become a kids yoga teacher. If you've had the itch to let out your inner child and share your yoga with little kidlets, you probably don't want to miss out on this training at Yogi Beans, a super cool kids yoga studio in NYC. In [...]


Infographics, we eat 'em up like maple pumpkin cupcakes of information! The writers - and SITTERS - of the world will appreciate this latest "Pose Before Prose" infographic from the fine literate minds at Electric Lit. "Writer's block giving you a bad back? Plot twists leaving you with an aching neck?" It's time for "Looking [...]

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(Hint: There’s no easy answer.) Last weekend began the first segment of a teacher training I’ve been co-teaching for the past three years. It’s always fun to meet the new trainees and to hear inspiring stories about how Yoga practice has changed their lives.


First interactive online yoga class? They're doing it in Finland, and they're ready to launch it worldwide. Yoogaia is the company looking to bring interactive yoga classes, not pre-recorded, but live classes like doing a webchat or skype, to people in their homes all over the world. While no one has been able to figure [...]