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by J. Brown Polarization seems rampant across all sectors of modern life. Debates on money, politics, religion, and even yoga, readily devolve into diametrically opposed camps. Moderate voices are lost in the din of intolerance and most folks understandably turn away from the discussion with disgust or lament. But without someone staking the middle ground, [...]

LeBron James leads yoga at Nike basketball Academy inn June. | photo credit: @sheilamikailli

LeBron James is teaching the youth all about the yog. LeBron, known to us as LeBrogi, seems he's been keeping up with his Lebroga, and he's been teaching it to the kids, too. (And by kids we mean up-and-coming basketballers, as well as some lucky little mini pre-adults.) According to Isaiah Taylor, a talented athlete [...]

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BKS Iyengar on Guru Purnima | photo credt: Todd Semo

Happy Guru Purnima! A day to celebrate and honor our teachers. The Indian tradition is the Guru Purnima festival, a celebration falling on a full moon in the month of Ashadh to pay gratitude and respect to gurus, as well as role models and teachers who have made a special impact in your life. Via India.com: [...]

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Lachey-asana in 98 degrees. | photo credit: Rebecca Fishbein/Gothamist

Is it hot in here? If you would've asked our 90s teenage selves what we thought then boy band 98 Degrees would be doing in 2015, leading a hot yoga class would not have even made "the hardest thing" list. And yet, there they are, the Lacheys - Nick and Drew, half of 98 Degrees [...]

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Speer/We Are Seneca Lake

"Our Lives Hang In The Balance" and "Bending Over Backward" read the signs of the peaceful yoga protesters on a mission to save Seneca Lake in upstate New York. Local law enforcement arrested 10 of these yogi protestors early Wednesday morning to the soundtrack of a lone cello player (it's true, they had a cellist accompany [...]


No they don't have wheels...yet. Some people want to make your yoga mat way funkier than it is, and we're not talking about a stinky health hazard. (Phew.) These new "fashion yoga mats" from Spiritual Revolution feature designs from many of the artists you'd typically find covering the graffiti'd walls or skateboards at a skate [...]


by Jenni Rawlings One of the most common instructions we tend to hear in yoga class is “pull your shoulders back”. This cue is often offered as a universal guideline for how we should position our shoulders throughout our entire practice, and it has its roots in a broader cultural idea that “shoulders back” is [...]

Yes, it's actor Kiefer Sutherland probably most likely definitely saying Namaste.

What is the meaning of namaste, anyway? Probably a bit different than you think. American yogis know the word namaste pretty well. We hear it in almost every yoga class and translate the Sanskrit word to mean "the divine in me bows to the divine in you" or something close - substitute divine for light [...]

Buick's Puppy Dog Prep.

You're about to buy a new car. But WAIT...can you practice yoga in it? Buick is hoping you'll ask yourself that very question. Banking on the swelling wellness trend, Buick plays to the yoga-loving crowd in their latest campaign to sell their cars and their message of "happiness," inspired by said cars, to folks who [...]


Yoga farts, crazy mats, kooky oms, oh my. The makings of a yoga class punked, but maybe not too far from reality? In this case, Australian radio host and punk master Jackie O aims to pull a silly prank on an unsuspecting yoga class, enlisting the help of British actress Sophie Monk who undauntingly plays [...]


Yoga injuries: a hot to trot topic lately. And it's for good reason. No one wants to get hurt. One could say it's especially counterproductive and counterintuitive in yoga class. Body destruction is not one of the eight limbs, doncha know. But, believe it or not, we are human and we do have destructible bodies [...]


The following is an excerpt from  The Shakti Coloring Book by Ekabhumi Charles Ellik. Stay tuned for the giveaway! Exclusively through our TWIY newsletter. Not on the list? Better fix that!  By Ekabhumi (“Eka”) Charles Illik Creating our own devotional art is like eating from our own garden; we are nourished by the process as well as the [...]

image credit: Leo Uribe via CBC News

And then Lululemon put out their own branded beer. Why? With all the company blunders, public gaffes and marketing eff ups, we guess they figured why the hell not? Debuting this summer, Curiosity Lager a "crisp, bold session lager" (4.6% ABV) is Lulu's first foray into the craft beer market. "Just because you're a yogi, doesn't [...]


Not a festival. Not a retreat. Summer Camp. Like you did maybe when you were 10. Except this time there's more grown up stuff like adult beverages and adult interactions. The concept of adult sleepaway camps - no kids allowed - is a growing trend conjuring up all kinds of images of what it would [...]