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It’s our holiday giveaway series! For the next week we’ll be posting new giveaways for awesome and yogadorky goodies. Be sure to check back each day! Time to put your meditation skills to work...in the kitchen! If you bake, craft or just enjoy super cute things you're going to love these yoga asana cookie cutters [...]


It's our holiday giveaway series! For the next few days we'll be posting new giveaways for awesome and yogadorky goodies. Be sure to check back each day! It's an annual tradition around these yogadork parts! We're so excited to keep the momentum going with our annual giveaway of A Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices [...]


We never thought we'd find something more comfortable than yoga pants, but these super cozy bamboo harem pants from One Tribe Apparel are seriously making us question our choices in stretchy pants. Hand-stitched and made from sustainable and crazy soft bamboo, these pants are not only extremely comfortable, they come in some really cool patterns [...]


A well-intentioned Hollywood yoga teacher aims to bring the community and law enforcement together in a public mindful meditation event. It's all in response to the national unrest over police brutality and grand jury decisions not to indict cops in two different highly controversial cases. (If you don't know by now that's Mike Brown in [...]


We've seen some depressing things happen in yoga in recent years regarding abuse of power, abuse of students  - mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually - and even rape charges brought against some very prominent teachers including Kausthaub Desikachar and Bikram Choudhury. But this horrifying story out of Australia about a yoga movement led by Swami [...]


Comedian Chris Rock is a busy guy. Between acting, screenwriting, directing his newly released film "Top Five," how does this guy do it all? We can't tell you, but we do know how he keeps his striking good looks thanks to fellow ac-TOR Zach Braff. According to an exchange between the two on Twitter, it's [...]

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Judith Hanson Lasater

It's a crazy time of year, which is why we're happy (somewhat relieved, even!) to share this interview with Judith Hanson Lasater from Yoga U Online who will be hosting her free holiday talk coming up on Monday, December 15th covering "Yoga Past, Present, Future - Challenges and Opportunities." The face of yoga is changing [...]

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It's official, June 21st is now the International Day of Yoga. Says Indian Prime Minister Modi, "Namaste, motherf@*kers!" Kidding, of course. But he is quite elated. On Thursday, with 177 nations backing the initiative, the UN declared that the world will be observing a global day of yoga on the 21st of June, around the [...]

Sparks of Divinity

B.K.S. may have left his earthly body this past August, but we know his teachings will undoubtedly live on for many years to come through his words, methods, and students. As an author who's published several important yoga books, including The Tree of Yoga and Light on Yoga, which many refer to as the Bible of [...]


Move over Alec Baldwin. Joaquin Phoenix is engaged to a yoga instructor, and we're sorry to everyone reading this, it's probably not you. The enigmatic and talented actor, on a recent visit to the "Late Show with David Letterman," gave a very animated retelling of the tale of how he met his yoga teacher and future wife. [...]


A Yoga Journal article entitled “Alignment Cues Decoded: ‘Soften Your Front Ribs’” by YogaWorks teacher Alexandria Crow came through my Facebook feed yesterday and I decided to write a response to it. As you might know, I am very interested in seeing our wonderful yoga world update its traditional alignment cuing with the intelligence of biomechanics and modern movement science.


From Jenn, the official yogadealer, a few more gift-giving ideas for your pals, teachers and all the hard-to-buy-for yogis in your life, on the mat and on the go. For the Fashionista - Because black leggings are usually what you buy for yourself.  Treat your yoga-loving pals to something out of the ordinary with Inyo Wear Leggies, a [...]


We were proud to help introduce the launch of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, we're proud to be supporters of accessibility and inclusivity in yoga, and we're excited to share with you their new campaign: This Is What a Yogi Looks Like. In their efforts to promote yoga as welcome to all, the YBIC [...]

High Octane Yoga: Indian Man Pulls Yoga Poses On Speeding Motorbike

Please do not try this at home. For most of us the safety and sanctity of our yoga mats planted firmly on the earth is plenty thrill enough. But some people just want to see what it feels like to attempt yoga poses balancing on a two-wheeled vehicle speeding down the road. One such fellow [...]