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Yoga, no bullshit. Protesters of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement have descended on lower Manhattan in the form of peaceful makeshift bed-ins and barricades in the name of freedom, and they plan to stay for a few months. Hoping to attract more than 20,000, the gathering drew maybe half a fraction of that amount when [...]


This week in Naked Yoga Teacher Protests: Monday night a laughter yoga teacher, Charlotte Eaton, from north-west London shed her outer layers and marched across Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seed exhibition at London’s Tate Modern. The 100 million sunflower seed installation was to be closed Monday night, but not before Ms. Eaton showed her [...]

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Meet Jean Wharf. She was ticketed, booted, then denied reboarding by a transit cop on the SkyTrain in Vancouver, BC. Why? For wearing a “F*uck Yoga” pin of course! Because the cop loves yoga and he was mad miffed! No, that’s not true. Wharf, 21, did indeed wear the pin and refused to take it [...]


Two yoga instructors joined the protests inside Wisconsin’s capitol building Saturday. (AP) We snagged this photo and caption posted at Gawker. No they’re not all adho mukha-ing, but it seems yoga teachers* have joined the some 70,000 union workers, school teachers, students, firefighters, nurses, Green Bay Packers and reportedly now Tom Morello from Rage Against [...]


Wow, we’ve seen it all now. Literally! As reported in the Daily Mail, an unnamed 30s-ish woman, and glaring fan of ‘yoga not war’, decided to bring her peaceful protest to Parliament, in the nude! Proceeding to strip naked and assuming a bare-bottomed lotus position on top of a cab, Lady YoGodiva conducted a 5-minute [...]