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Mitt Romney

So, you might have caught wind of some kind of election thing going on tomorrow. If you’re a citizen of the United States of America we hope you will exercise your right to vote because it’s kind of a big deal. And pardon the phrase in light of recent events, but it’s probably going to be a real shitstorm, so get your little yogasana in there and let your voice and your choice be heard!

Some yoga writers would say that’s not good enough. A few have put out the call for yogis to “shelve both idealism and politeness” and “stand up and endorse Obama” to “weave our politics and practice into a bright braid of passion,” demanding proper progressiveness and tossing criticism at those remaining mum, as well as the most politically vocal yoga organization out there, Off the Mat, for their “political neutrality.” (See OTM at the DNC and RNC).


Wondering what kind of message your yoga pants are sending? These “Believe in America” yoga pants from the fall 2012 Mitt Romney collection will tell your fellow yogis which side of the mat you stand on. Just enough stretch to fit you and your candidate’s bs. And for only 35 bucks!