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Barack Obama

Remember Barack Obama? He used to be president like four score and seven light years ago. What’s the thing for former presidents to do, besides actually get sleep and cease aging at an exponential rate? Why, build a monument to preserve your own legacy, of course! Presidential libraries have been en vogue since the 1930s [...]


So, you might have caught wind of some kind of election thing going on tomorrow. If you’re a citizen of the United States of America we hope you will exercise your right to vote because it’s kind of a big deal. And pardon the phrase in light of recent events, but it’s probably going to be a real shitstorm, so get your little yogasana in there and let your voice and your choice be heard!

Some yoga writers would say that’s not good enough. A few have put out the call for yogis to “shelve both idealism and politeness” and “stand up and endorse Obama” to “weave our politics and practice into a bright braid of passion,” demanding proper progressiveness and tossing criticism at those remaining mum, as well as the most politically vocal yoga organization out there, Off the Mat, for their “political neutrality.” (See OTM at the DNC and RNC).


Wondering what kind of message your yoga pants are sending? These “Believe in America” yoga pants from the fall 2012 Mitt Romney collection will tell your fellow yogis which side of the mat you stand on. Just enough stretch to fit you and your candidate’s bs. And for only 35 bucks!


Greetings fine American Yogis with the self-empowered right to vote! Did you know it’s an election year? What were you planning to do with that $20 in your pocket? Buy a chai and acai berry bowl? We have another idea. – Obama Campaign Management


It’s Easter again at The White House! Which means Egg Rolls down the South Lawn, childrens book readings by the prez and…yoga! It’s an Easter tradition! The theme of this year’s annual event is “Get Up and Go,” playing into First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to prevent childhood obesity. As part of the [...]


It’s Friday! That’s great! Or maybe just “Good”? get it? Whatever your plans for the weekend we hope you take the time to reflect on what’s most important, sunshine, savasana and treats! (kidding! sorta) Seriously though, if you want to dork out about the origin of “Easter”, or “Eastre” as the goddess was known in [...]


Oh, doncha know, it is on! –Alaskan Governer Sarah Palin Panders to America’s Yoga-bama Supporters– We never expected it, though we had hoped for it, and some had already pretty much decided to pretend anyway… but a presidential yogi? Ah, too good to be true! That’s why we have no doubt in our minds that [...]


Read the update to our post Lululemon “Ombama” Ad Cute, Somewhat Disturbing for a closer look at the ad…what’s that on his arm?


As an update to our post “Is Lululemon Getting Too Political with Obama-Lovin, Racially Tinged Window Displays?” Turns out we’re not crazy for posing the question… Response from the blogosphere, hyper-ballad’s blog: I’ve been lululemon’s customer for the longest time, and this ad just pisses me off. It’s really disturbing. Who are those “our children” [...]

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