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This Week in Yoga

And all of a sudden, it was summer!(ish) The sun is out, yogis are going commando, and others are touring the city in glass boxes. Yep, it’s just another week on YD! Pull up your yoga pants and grab your favorite thirst quencher. Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga — read the newsletter here. Sign [...]


CAPTION THIS: Unfortunate yoga pose #746! hehe We caught this amazing gem on Buzzfeed’s Most Unfortunate Pictures Ever Taken. If you think this is hilarious and need another good laugh, check out all the facebook comments and captions, then add your own. This week’s news is brought to you by a blue comic book character, [...]


Dear mothers, mommas, mommies, mamas, mums, caregivers, aunties, doting friends and nurturers of love, we hope you had a happy Mother’s Day! It’s not every day we celebrate you, but we should! Much like yoga and meditation, and the love we receive from our children (human, furry, or otherwise) EVERY DAY. Ha ::cue the eye roll:: OK, [...]

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Happy May! This year has been zooming by and we’re so glad to be sharing it with you. If you’ve been keeping up, you’d know last week we hit the Yoga Journal Conference to shimmy our way into a special panel discussion, we ooh’d and ahh’d at an amazing sun saluted sand sculpture, we rediscovered [...]

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Smell that? No it’s not your neighbor’s yoga mat, it’s the spring air! The seasons are changing and whether you’re lucky enough to be sniffing the sweet aroma of April showers and/or flowers, we will ALL be feeling the shift of the awesome lunar eclipse/Blood Moon by tomorrow. So, we hope you’ve enjoyed life as [...]


It’s April, can you believe it? Would you believe we’re shutting down our blog to become an Instagram-only #savasanagram selfie site? It’s true!* *It’s not true, but we DID bite the bullet and set up an Insta account @therealyogadork, where we may or may not be posting savasana seflies and/or gratuitous photos of our cats. [...]


Oh, Spring! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the weatherman is calling for…what? more snow?! OK, so maybe Mother Nature hasn’t jumped on the Spring wagon yet, but we’re thisclose to warmer temps and sunnier skies, and yoga practice outside? Alas, Spring weather may seem far away, but we’re grateful for the reminder [...]

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Change. It’s not just the foreign metal things, aka buried couch treasure, we dig deep for when faced with the dreaded, yet rare, parking meter or pay phone (gasp!). Or the subject of a really great Bowie song. Change is real, it’s planned, anticipated, unexpected and inevitable. We can feel change coming, or we can be blindsided [...]


“House of Cards”? “Downton Abbey”? The Winter Olympics in Sochi? Couples Retreat on TV for the 1,782,473th time? It’s amazing we get any yoga in at all! But alas, life is all about making important choices. And during this season of polar vortexes and freezing temps, we’re so pleased to be able to help you make one more [...]

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