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And now for some occasionally frequently asked questions.

Who are you?

We are YogaDorks to the max, offering commentary on the latest yoga news with wit and wisdom. We have a sense of humor!

What’s the site all about?

YogaDork.com is a place for yogis, or otherwise, to convene and converse, to chat about yoga, yoga-related things, and sometimes presidents re-imagined as yoga teachers.

What is a YogaDork?

Anyone who spends enough time thinking about yoga it’s like being multilingual…but with yoga. We brush our teeth in tree pose. It’s pretty dorky.

So do you just survive doing yoga and blogging about it?

Er, sorta. YD exists on donations and the amazing support of our advertisers. If you’d like more information about becoming a YD supporter through advertising, please click here.

Do you have an email address?

Yep. yd@yogadork.com. Or go to the contact page to say hi, ask a question, send us a tip, vent, rant, etc. We have a twitter and a facebook, too!

Can I contribute to your site?

Are you a yogadorky blogger/writer? We take submissions. Drop us a line. Please be sure to include your submission and/or relevant links and writing samples.

Can I advertise on your site?

Sure! Head over to the advertising page for more info.

Do you have anything else to add??

Always. THANK YOU! Profound gratitude for your support and comments. It thrills us to write for the enjoyment and/or informatude of our readers every day.

More Questions? Tweet at us @yogadork or like us on facebook or send us an electronic note at yd@yogadork.com.

“[YogaDork is] A kind of Gawker.com for yogis, the blog tiptoes the line where yoga intersects with pop culture.” – The New York Times

“Some people get up and read the Washington Post or NY Times. I get up and read @yogadork #truestory.” – Thais G.