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‘Om City’ Is Back For Highly Anticipated Season 2, New Adventures In Teaching Yoga

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And now for a bit of much needed levity.

Has it really been three whole years since season one of “Om City”? And with the hundreds (feels like millions) of new streaming series is it really true there aren’t any shows revolving around yoga?

Fear not. Your wishes, whether realized or not, have been granted. Yes, no really, it’s worth watching!

OK, so it’s not on Netflix, or Amazon, or [insert streaming service here]…yet, but “Om City” is gearing up for a second season brought to you straight on the no-subscription-required interwebs, and if it’s anything like the first season, we expect it to be hilarious, engaging and once again hitting home with the all-too-realness.

But it’s not in the bag yet. “Om City” creators Tom O’Brien (writer/director) and Jessie Barr (co-creator/series main character) — who are also actors, yoga teachers and betrothed to one another (they met while teaching at Elena Brower’s now closed Virayoga) — have launched a Kickstarter to get season two off the ground.

One of the perks involves a walk-on role in a new episode. Did we mention Chris Messina (“Mindy Project,” “Sharp Objects”) is one of the show’s guest stars? Choose THAT episode. Or another perk is an invite to the launch party so you could take your chances there, too. (We’re assuming you’re a Chris Messina fan because it’s Chris Messina!)

The campaign ends October 17 so don’t wait to get on board. In the meantime, catch up or refresh your Manipura chakra with the seven episodes from season one. (Each is under 10 minutes so it’s a quick flow.)

Watch: ‘Om City’ Takes A Deeper Look Into The Precarious Adventures Of Yoga Teaching

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  • Great article about the new adventures in teaching the Yoga, thanks for sharing…

  • I enjoyed watching these episodes. Accurately reflected what I have experienced as a teacher and other teachers have related that they have experienced.
    On another note, I have been following this blog for a long time. I noticed that you no longer post here very often. I am not a FB user, so I miss seeing you more often. Just to let you know that there are non-FB folks who enjoy your posts.

    • YD

      Hi Genevieve! Thanks so much for your note. Life has been a bit overwhelming in parenting land, but things should pick up again soon. So nice to hear from you 🙂

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