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Yoga On A Plane: Refreshing Or Rude? (Probably Both)

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As far as we know, flights have not been grounded due to yoga-practicing passengers…yet. (Maybe yoga practicing peacocks.)

While plenty of airports welcome yoga now, it’s not so common on airplanes, mostly because you have barely enough room to breathe let alone bend your body into various shapes. Also, no passenger wants to be the butt of your asana.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a down dog!

This yogi, named Kate Kay, caused a bit of a ruckus when she dove into her yoga practice in the middle of the aisle on a recent early morning flight. Some of her fellow passengers weren’t pleased with her mile-high practice, but Kay, a photographer and yoga teacher, defends her body’s need to stretch it out on the cramped flight.

“We should all listen to our intuition and allow our health to take prescedence [sic] over our need for validation through others,” she told Fox News.

We hear that. Why should we let other people’s judgements affect our state of wellness? But, this is an interesting one. What’s proper airplane yoga etiquette? We’re all for listening to our bodies (and stretching on long flights), but extending that consciousness to our fellow humans in close quarters is important too, no? What if we ALL wanted to get up and stretch?

Hey, that gives us an idea…who will be the first airline to lead a mass yoga class in the sky?? (Or space? Elon Musk? Just wait.)

What do you think? Yoga on a plane: chill/not chill?


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  • Weary interesting Video. Yoga in the plane. It looks Nice she is doing weary well I will stumble upon this post

  • Yoga Bimbo Alert

    Airplane aisles should be kept clear at all times — for all sorts of reasons. Rearrange your baggage, fine. Plenty of stretching can be done from your seat. The flight attendants erred by not telling her to get back to her seat. This is a no-brainer. Anyone who wants to get to the bathroom or has an emergency or needs to speak to a flight attendant right away should haven’t have to deal with someone blocking their path. This is courtesy 101. If you insist on imposing your own world on others then you’re just a narcissistic flake — and there’s no reason for yoga to deepen its already well-established reputation in this regard? I suspect the airline regulations say quite clearly not to block the aisles. Nexxt.

    • dutchyogi

      Bad idea, keep the aisles clear and stop posing

  • Super awesome post! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • The practice of yoga has 8 limbs. Only one is asana. She had seven other limbs to choose from that can be done in your seat. Stretching can be done in your seat creatively. Or perhaps practicing a yama might be good? Lots of options not to block the aisle.

  • Niki

    Thank you for the way you put across the aspects of yoga which lead me to look into it a bit more about it.

  • Dwayne

    “… narcissistic flake…” Sounds right to me.
    And, uh, are we really looking to *Fox News* for yoga reporting? Good grief. That’d explain the misspelling of “precedence”, though.

  • I love yoga and everything but even I would prefer if people could just, not do yoga on my plane. Thank you! Lol.

  • Steven Cooper

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  • himix

    I love all your posts and replies. Thank you all.

    About this post; it’s very interesting to see just how controversial Yoga is.

    Is it really just about blocking access, narcissism or shameless stretching?

    Yoga is starting to be like politics and religion: a very touchy subject.


    • Dwayne

      Has nothing to do with yoga per se. A bodybuilder doing one-arm pushups in the aircraft aisle, or a soccer player playing hacky sack, would receive the same criticism. But to quote a previous poster, “there’s no reason for yoga to deepen its already well-established reputation in this regard [flaky narcissism]”.

  • Jan

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  • Yoga is everywhere now. But as it is gaining popularity it is loosing it’s heart. Everyone has his own version of yoga. There is a limited number of yogis who are truly practicing yoga for their spiritual transformation. Yoga is supposed to make one humble and contented but a lot of people use it as a show off tool. Hope one day it will get back it’s right perspective.

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  • i think yoga isnt rude at all, follow here to find out why: https://goo.gl/Tvi7LM

  • I think there is an airline now that offers yoga mid-flight

  • Thank you for sharing this post. Your blog is very informative and useful.

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