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YogaDork Giveaway: ‘365 Daily Meditations’ For Your Practice On And Off The Mat

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We often hear from yogsters how difficult it can be to bring their yoga off the mat. When we’re in our practice on the mat, we’re more likely to tune in, to remind ourselves to release, to watch our breath, to let go of judgements. Then, we step off…and are confronted by the stresses and realities of our everyday lives and that‘s about when yoga flies out the window (or off of our facebook feeds). This is why we’re such fans of books like this one right here featured in our latest YD giveaway.

365 Daily Meditations For On And Off The Mat by Scott Ginsberg presents a year’s worth of daily meditations inspired by the challenges and graces of a hot yoga practice. Ginsberg, creator of one of Technorati’s Top 100 business blogs on the web, uses the principles of yoga to offer daily inspirational meditations and jewels of wisdom with a perspective that can be easily applied to life. It’s your day-to-day guide for self-inquiry and living yoga on and off the mat. (See below for excerpts!)

WIN: We’re giving away 5 copies of 365 Daily Meditations For On And Off The Mat, courtesy of Ixia Press, a new imprint from Dover Publications with inspiring books focusing on leadership, business, spirituality and wellness. (pssst…For more information on Ixia Press, and to SAVE 20% on their entire catalog, see their ad below on this page.)

TO ENTER: Because this book is all about a daily practice, let’s take this opportunity to think of ways we can be a bit more conscious in our daily lives. Think about it. What’s one thing you do every day that could use a pause, or a touch more attention? Maybe it’s driving, or eating, or…<gulp> replying to people on Facebook? Share with us in the comments!

Giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm, Thursday November 23 (Thanksgiving!). We’re opening it up for one more day, Monday November 27! Five lucky winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

Read a couple of sample meditations:


UPDATE: Thank you all for entering and sharing your personal goals and thoughts on taking a very necessary pause. Our winners are…Natalie, Atiya, Becky, Wendolyn and Henry! Congrats! Please keep an eye out for an email from us.

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  • Patricia C

    As I start my day I need to take time to be fully present and savor every drop of my morning tea instead of letting the day begin to intrude.

  • I could pause more for myself in general. As a teacher and with having a family of 6 kids, I could definitely give myself and my wonderful partner more pauses!

  • Larry

    More focus of happiness and laughter instead of being so focused on things that really don’t matter .. breathing more in time of anger

  • Clenahan

    I would like to focus more on gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for but often do not take the time to acknowledge it all.

  • Nupur

    I would focus more on breathing and meditation in everyday,especially off the mat, situations like stress in traffic, stress at work, stress with timeline.

  • Basically, everything I do can benefit from being more in the moment, more conscious. So easy to say but not so easy to do. But it is a practice after all , requiring intention, attention and continuous return to the moment. So glad I have this practice to keep me within it’s loving arms!

  • Mandi Lester-Size

    I could pause and be more mindful during my busy family times which are morning and evenings. Sometimes I’m so focused on checking things off my list of things that need to be done that I forget to be in the moment.

  • Christine

    Rather than looking at my job as a task to be completed, I pause and remember each and every patient has a divine spirit and deserves to be honored. My work day has become increasingly more positive and I can see the change it’s making for my patients, my coworkers and myself

  • Paul

    I would like to be more engaged and in the moment in my daily interactions with people.

  • Atiya

    I really need to work on my endless scrolling of social media without really heeding any of what I am reading or seeing.

  • I want to be more mindful of my smartphone use. I find myself picking it up and looking for things to distract me. I’ve started to realize that I’m doing this when I watch tv, when I’m eating, when I’m in the bathroom…sometimes I don’t even know which app to open. I’m not being at all intentional with it.

  • Interesting thoughts on meditation being integral to yoga teacher training . I have a similar post on meditation and would love to know your view on the same.

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  • Beth

    I am a yoga teacher, but I have struggled to incorporate a more regular meditation practice. I think I need to be more conscious of the ways I can be mindful in my daily life and not just “count” a formal seated meditation. I do often take time to focus on my breath, even as I’m driving or lying down to sleep; I would like to do more of this.

  • Henry

    Trying not to be overactive, reading a book, listening to music and doing the shopping list at the same time…

  • Becky

    I need to focus on the things that I like about my job instead of the negative.

  • I want to be more present for my children at bedtime. They’re 10 and almost 12, and I am so tired by that time of day that I often brush off their requests to cuddle or just sit for a few more minutes together. I need to embrace these moments; they may not ask anymore in a year or two, and I’ll miss having their little voices asking for Mom to spend time with them.

  • Lorie

    I drive a four-lane interstate highway frequently to a major city for medical care. Each time I get in my car to make this trip, I pause and pray for patience and a mindset of safety. This has helped me tremendously with road rage.

  • Hi, I’ve heard that meditation leads to better health and well-being, but somehow I haven’t been motivated enough to start this daily practice. But anybody will try to do the daily. I could pause and be more mindful, So I want to do meditation in the morning, at any park or road.

    Thanks for sharing your blog.
    Have a great day.

  • I would like to focus more on gratitude. But it is a practice after all, requiring intention, attention and continuous return to the moment.

  • Wendolyn

    I can stop complaining about my job and instead be grateful for the opportunities and compensation it gives me.

  • Mary

    When I make my bed each day, I will pause to give thanks for the bed that offers a supportive place to sleep, the blanket that snuggles me warmly, and the person I love who is there night and day.

  • Renata

    Not reacting in my responses to people on email especially at work! Whether it’s counting to 10 or just taking a nice deep breath create a better response than emotionally reacting.

  • Heather

    Definitely could be more present when spending time with my husband! We only have a few short hours together each day after dinner, no need to spend ALL of those mindlessly scrolling on my phone!

  • rachel

    i have started journaling which allows me to reflect and release the thoughts in my mind. Journaling is allowing me to be more present throughout the day after I spill my words out onto the page.

  • Stephanie Hill

    One thing I could pause on during my day is as simple as drinking water. I forget in the hustle & bustle of the day to drink water then all of a sudden I’m parched. Need to take more time to pause and drink a glass.

  • Msumm

    I need to be more appreciative of what I have and I need to learn to not let the things I can’t control affect and bother me. I am trying but can try more.

  • This is just exceptional

  • Sounds like a very useful book

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