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YD Giveaway: ‘Deep Listening’ By Jillian Pransky

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The world is SO LOUD right now. A lot of us are experiencing emotional overload for a variety of reasons and our initial instinct may be to shut everything out, turn everything off. And, really, that’s entirely warranted. But in that urge to retreat there may be something more we can do for ourselves, a practice that is more sustainable, available, and accessible to us, especially when stress is at its peak, so we can restore and reset. This is what well-respected restorative yoga teacher Jillian Pransky details for us in her new book Deep Listening: A Calming Practice to Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Open Your Heart. (Have you read the excerpt yet?)

As it happens, at a time when we’re overwhelmed and overstimulated by ubiquitous noise, we can find a safe space by taking a moment (or many!) to listen.

WIN: We couldn’t be more pleased to be giving away five signed copies of Deep Listening: A Calming Practice to Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Open Your Heart by Jillian Pransky, courtesy of Rodale Books.

TO ENTER: It feels about the right time to pause and reflect, so we’re going with the trifecta “brag, gratitude, desire.'” Share with us in the comments a humble (or not so humble) brag, something you’re grateful for, and something you may desire. We think it’s s fine way to begin to tap into that listening muscle.

We’ll be collecting entries until 11:59pm Tuesday October 10. Five winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

UPDATE: Thanks to all who entered and shared their trifecta. Our winners are: Beth, Matty M, Adele, Kim and Jade! Congrats! (Keep an eye out for an email from YD.)


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42 comments… add one
  • KG

    I’m grateful for all the support I receive in life. I appreciate that I can see the beauty, truth and love that is always manifest in all of life. And, that all things are working together as one. On a 3D level it may seem very chaotic and even painful, but there is a harmonizing, loving force within everything. Thank you!

  • Anya

    I am grateful for an opportunity to teach yoga to high school students and to share gentle practice with very over-worked and under-appreciated teachers and teachers’ assistants. I hope for courage and stamina to keep on being my best self and realizing my purpose in life.

    • wendy

      I agree! I am teaching in the same setting and bringing yoga to teens is so rewarding – this generation craves some stillness and time to breathe – each day I feel a little softness happen in the room. We are fortunate!

  • CL

    I am grateful for the connections I am able to make with people. There are so many simple connections to be found in my every day life and for that I am eternally humbled as well as grateful.

  • LeeanneP

    I just started a new career last week. Left teaching Elementary Music after 13 years, went back to school full time for an EdS in my mid30s, and got a great job in a great location after graduating.
    I’m grateful for two healthy parents in their 60s who are active and travel and are still together and a brother I’m still close with who has the coolest kid I’m proud to call my nephew.
    I desire the romantic relationship I know I’m ready to have. Im finally in a happy place in my life and I’m ready for that next chapter in my life.

  • Genevieve Giles

    I am grateful for the my practice and the opportunity to connect to others through yoga. It helps to keep me grounded ( read as sane) when navigating through this tumultuous world

  • Very grateful to have graduated from yoga teacher training 2 years ago this week! Teaching has brought so much to my life; it is so rewarding to hear student say positive things about my classes.

  • MLD

    I am grateful for the deep friendships that fill my life.

  • Christine

    A lifetime of yoga and listening have helped me become stronger, power-full and brave despite my fears. I am deeply blessed to lead yoga with children and teens–our next generation of powerful, peaceful yogi warriors. I hope, with our practice and gestures and actions, we are moving our world toward a more peaceful, lighter and kinder place. ✌

  • Awesome post! I will suggest using some more images so that the post look more beautiful!
    BTW I love the way you have explained. Will surely be back to your blog again.
    Than you! Keep posting.

  • Kirisa

    I’m a great interviewee. I’m grateful for my friends. I desire a life partner.

  • Daniel

    I’m grateful for finding yoga 5 years ago and discovering the body mind connection daily. Or did yoga find me? Either way, I’m super thankful to be on this path of continuous learning.

  • Matty Maccaro

    I’m grateful to be resuming my yoga practice after a “pause” when I just did not feel like doing it.
    Jill Pransky’s Deep Listening sounds like exactly the book that will speak Inspiration to me.
    At 69, I’m wishing for one more great love of my life. Should I be feeling lucky? Yes!

  • Chris R

    Soon I will be starting my 3rd year of working for a company that is changing lives with life saving therapies and it feels so good to be contributing that. I am grateful for breath, something that is a constant and always there for me to return to when everything is changing. I desire true relaxation and self awareness that Jillian has tuned into in her own life.

  • DS

    I am very grateful to be finishing my 200 RYT this weekend with a wonderful and inspiring group of women. It’s been an amazing journey the past year and I am so excited to continue learning and growing in positive ways.

  • My humble brag is that I have the life I have always hoped for. For all the joys, challenges and learning in my live, I give gratitude. I desire that all sentient beings find the way of peace, a attitude of caring and rest in their bodies and minds.

  • Julie Alter

    I am grateful every day for my yoga practice. I find time to mediatate almost every day. Sometimes just a few full complete breathes makes my day better. As I continue to learn to listen to what my needs are my practice has changed. Restorative has really helped me heal. My yoga touches into the deep well of being. It makes me a happier human.

  • Nicole Ascher

    I am grateful for observing kindness on the NYC subways. I have anxiety about lots of things and sometimes get nervous on the subways. One of the things that help me is looking for acts of kindness on the subway. Once you look for one, you observe more – people giving up their seats, conversations among strangers, giving directions, etc. These kindness acts restore my faith in humanity.

  • If I pay more attention, to what is going good in my life, I am so proud of myself for continuously mustering up the courage to face my demons again and again. For being willing not to run from, but instead into, all the places that have not yet been tended to in my gentle heart. I am beyond grateful for the support I receive around me… which continues to break the iceberg of illusion that I am ever alone. What I’d like to call forth in my life… is a simple desire to reach more for my highest good, especially in times that may be difficult. A desire to pay more attention to the voice I often ignore, and instead start giving her what she really needs. Love xx

  • I am grateful I can take deep breaths. I think I have taken breathing for granted and yoga has brought that awareness closer to my heart and mind. My intention as a yoga instructor is to instill the same awareness with my students. I desire to be a better listener — with others but also within.

  • Judy Raddue

    I am profoundly grateful for having had the experience, from April 14 until her passing on May 1 this year, of assisting my mother to transition. As her primary caregiver, I was privileged to enjoy her beautiful spirit 24/7. Most of all, I was able to ensure that the last words that she would hear every night were “I love you.”

    As far as desires, there is nothing I’d love more than a week off! Since I used up nearly all my PTO caring for Mom, and the last few are ear-marked for yoga therapy training (which began last month), my challenge is finding the space on the weekends to create my own staycation. Jillian Pransky’s book should assist me in going even deeper into much-needed stillness.

    Peace to all,

  • Gina

    So grateful for the yoga and meditation practice that has led me to creating more space and time to nurture myself. Connecting mind body spirit and extending love ❤️

  • My “humble brag” is that after 14 years of practice, I am able to maintain calmness in the midst of most storms that occasionally come along in my life. Along with that brag comes deep, deep gratitude for that.

  • Annalyn C

    My humble brag is having finally gotten up into Crow pose for the first time yesterday (even if only for a second before falling with a smile). I am extremely grateful for living in an area that offers so many opportunities for me to further my yoga practice, as well as getting to experiment with other types of exercise! Finally, I desire to leave a legacy filled with love, light, and laughter behind once I leave this world.

  • I’m proud of staying focused on the beauty of loving my teenagers. I’m grateful for the tools of yoga. I hope I can recalibrate myself to respond to the way the world is now, so that I may experience and share sustained peace.

  • Tara Somers

    I am greatful for the amazing journey I started a little over a year ago my Yoga Teacher Training. Bragging that in Dec. I’ll have completed 500 hours yay me.

  • Kim

    My brag: I just finished training to be certified in teaching trauma-sensitive yoga, (yay!) and this book would be a wonderful addition to my classes! I’m incredibly grateful for my yoga practice and the way it’s changed my life, and even more grateful to be able to share the amazing benefits of yoga with my students. What do I desire? Hmmm…I’ve always wanted to buy a farm and convert it into a retreat center where I can offer rest for those who serve others. And I desire this book! 🙂 The excerpt was wonderful.

  • Sheri Ramirez

    I’m grateful for the gift I have to teach. I teach second grade and outside of school I teach yoga. I love sharing knowledge and insights I’ve gleaned over the years. With that though, comes a lot of thinking and planning. Sometimes I desire freedom from all those thoughts and plans and would’ves and should’ves…

  • Carrie

    My brag: I was invited to teach at a studio that I adore. My gratitude: My family’s health (as they say, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone). My desire: To find a satisfying full-time job, as I can’t seem to relax or feel settled until that happens (who knew I had so much tension?).

  • Julie

    I get to teach yoga each and every day- I am grateful for this life – I desire the opportunity to receive my 500 hour training so that I can share more profoundly –

  • I am thankful for my crazy little yogi-weiner dog, Peaches. When she wakes up next to me every morning she is filled with joy and excitement about starting a new day. It’s a great reminder and inspiration to me.

  • I am grateful for good health, love, and the fulfillment that comes from being with the love of my life, living in a beautiful place and doing what I love. So grateful to be of service to others, to empower and support them on their journey while I learn I grow every day.
    My desire is to reach more people, to host retreats, workshops and write a book. Thank you for listening the wonderful opportunity to win a copy of the book “Deep Listening”.

  • Jade

    Im Jade, Im 12 Years Old and I’m thankful for a loving family, 3 healthy meals every day, a roof over my head, and yoga. I Find it so true that fall is a time to reflect, which is why every fall I like to take time to sit in nature and meditate on how fortunate I am and how life is a truly beautiful thing. I Love to read and I would be so happy if I could add winning this giveaway of my list of things to be thankful for!
    Brightest Blessings

  • Jade

    Im Jade, Im 12 Years Old and I’m thankful for a loving family, 3 healthy meals every day, a roof over my head, and yoga. I Find it so true that fall is a time to reflect, which is why every fall I like to take time to sit in nature and meditate on how fortunate I am and how life is a truly beautiful thing. I Love to read and I would be so happy if I could add winning this giveaway of my list of things to be thankful for!
    Love and Light,

  • Michelle

    I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others everyday as a 911 dispatcher. To hear the horror and terror so that others don’t have to, to listen when someone is scared and when someone can’t handle their child any longer or the loud party keeping them awake. I am grateful for the lessons that this career has given me and selfishly I am so grateful for finding yoga to help with my inner peace, to nourish my soul and calm my mind and breath so that I can handle another day and helping me find me amongst the turmoil.

  • Gina Smith

    I am grateful for the life giving force, prana. Even though my body is challenged by Parkinson’s (I am early onset), I wake up everyday able to breathe in life. I am able to respect my body as it is that day… I go forth each day trying to realize that how I am on the outside is only a part of who I am. The me on the inside is the person who can react to the world with positive words, thoughts, and deeds.

  • Lori

    I am grateful for the love and support I have from my family and friends (my humble brag is that I have an amazing team of supporters) as I begin chemo for stage 1 cancer this week. My desire is to move through this journey with as much ease as possible, while learning to be in better communication with my body, and to come out the other side in better health and wellbeing than I had prior. I believe this book would be a great source on this journey.

  • Natalie

    I got my degree!
    Grateful for good friends and hot coffee! 🙂
    Looking forward to and needing a break in life.

  • My name is Ratan, I am 23 years old, I am truly grateful for my life. Earlier I used to be worried forever, I did not mind. But now I am living a healthy and normal life as a result of yoga.

  • James Cloyd

    May I be well. May I be peaceful and at ease. May I be happy. May I be well may I be well May I be well.

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  • My yoga teacher has a phrase “the more we quieten down the mind, the more we can hear” and I find it so true

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