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YogaDork Giveaway: Anatomy And Yoga – A Guide for Teachers and Students

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If you know us, you know we love giveaways — book giveaways in particular. And book giveaways of the yogadorky sort get us even more giddy because it gives us a chance to completely nerd out. This time we’ll nerd, dork, geek out over something we can all related to — anatomy!

WIN: We’re giving away 3 signed copies of Anatomy And Yoga: A Guide for Teachers and Students by Ellen Saltonstall. Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“Finally! A comprehensive anatomy book especially for yoga students. Ellen’s clear and detailed explanations of the anatomy and biomechanics of movement specifically tailored to yoga practitioners are a gift to teachers and students alike. As a teacher, teacher trainer and student of yoga, I’ll refer to this book for years to come.” — Barrie Risman, Co-director World Spine Care Yoga Project, Montreal, Canada

“This step-by-step anatomy for yoga book is the best I’ve seen, with a blend of yogic wisdom and anatomical sophistication. Meticulously detailed but not obscuring the overview, relevant yet profound, the work gracefully combines many elements, like a modern (and ancient) dance. I cannot recommend any other anatomy book as highly as this one, and encourage every yogi, whether practicing for one day or a century, to read it for knowledge and for pleasure. John Karapelou’s beautiful pictures are simple (but not too simple), and unlike most anatomical pictures, they are calming.” — Loren Fishman MD, B.Phil., (oxon.) Columbia University

Check out our excerpt from the book on fascinating fascia.

TO ENTER: Roll call! What’s awesome about the internets is that our “community” can span from coast to coast (and beyond). We’re all virtual neighbors, so let’s say hello to one another. To enter in this giveaway, share in the comments where you’re from and where you teach or take classes — and feel free to shout out your favorite teacher(s)!

The giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm Tuesday, February 21, 2016. Three winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners Brenda, Stacey, and Simone!

Thank you to everyone who entered. It was lovely to “meet” you, neighbors!

91 comments… add one
  • heidi

    I’m in South Carolina and currently practice in my living room!

  • Spencer

    Denver area, and fortunate to take classes from the excellent teachers at Asana

  • Spencer

    Denver area, and fortunate to take classes from the excellent teachers at Asana (http://asanastudio.com/)

  • Currently in Bangkok….. take classes at Yoga Elements Bangkok with the amazing Adrian Cox!

  • Katherine Gustafson

    Living in Portland Maine and enjoying a beautiful home practice!

  • kathy

    living and teaching in sunny Northeast Florida.

  • Irene

    I practice hot yoga at Hot Yoga 101! It used to be Bikram Style but recently rebranded.

  • Traci Thompson

    I’m in Colorado and I practice at home 🙂

  • Charlotte Rutland

    I live in Denton, Texas and am a student. I currently practice at home and take a class at the Senior Center.

  • Currently from Portland, Or. Teaching and practicing at Hot Yoga For Life!

  • Moi

    I practice yoga from all over the world with a multitude of wonderful instructors… at home through youtube. So grateful for all the awesome instructors that post such lovely practices.

    • I’ve had two less than positive exierpences with coupons from Living Social (just like Groupon). I bought an auto detailing and massage coupon. Now I only buy coupons from companies that I already do business with or am very familiar with.

    • It’s good to see someone thinking it through.

  • Hello there! ::waves:: I’m Steph. I live in Jersey and, while I’m on hiatus from teaching, I still practice at my home studio: YogaCentric in Clifton, NJ. 🙂

  • Racine d kringle

    Indiana, and I will only practice at home. 🙂

  • Patricia Longfellow

    I practice at work in downtown Louisville, KY where my employer offers yoga classes. Also practice at home.

  • You are wonderful. Great content. Keep up with the good work!
    Kind regards, Sarah

  • Yay! I teach and practice at ohmMother Yoga in West Dundee, IL ❤️

  • Dwayne

    I live in the middle of nowhere, Catskill Mtn. region of NY.
    Mostly practice at home, when I take classes I drive to Woodstock.

  • Stacey

    So happy to be practicing and teaching in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.

  • Francis

    Hoboken – Home practice and classes with Michelle LaRue and Matt Dreyfus at the Monroe Movement Center

  • Mandi

    Hello! I’m from Toronto, Ontario I practice yoga both at home and in studios here in the city. I also teach yoga to children. 🙂

  • Mandi

    Hello! I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I practice yoga both at home and in studios here in the city. I also teach yoga to children. 🙂

  • I live in Western Maryland. I practice and share yoga with students in a studio at my home in the Maryland countryside. Thank you for sharing this new book, as I know Ellen is a great teacher.

  • Monica

    Currently teaching and practicing at Tejas Yoga in Chicago, Illinois. Jim Bennitt and James Tennant are fantastic teachers!

  • I’m in the San Marcos area, and teach at Texas State University!

  • Mary

    I’m living in Christchurch, New Zealand! I practice and teach at Grassroots Yoga & Health.. and this book looks great 😉

  • Netherlands here! yoga changed my life 5 years ago and stays with me every day ever since. Shiva Rea stays one of my favorites.

  • Nancy B

    Not teaching at the moment, home is where my practice is. Earlville, Illinois

  • Nancy B

    Looking for a studio to teach at, but home practice in Earlville, Illinois will have to do for now…

  • I live in Portland, Oregon and love practicing at The Bhaktishop where I attended teacher training. My home practice and teaching in the community are also very important to me.

  • Melissa

    I live in Madison WI, and I practise yoga at Bliss Flow yoga studio 🙂

  • Teaching and practicing yoga & psychotherapy in Cambridge, MA.

  • Heather Chadwick

    In Concord NC. A big shout out to Vicky H, Connie D and Amber N for teaching me to breathe, let it go and not take it so seriously.
    -Heather C

  • Heather Chadwick

    In Concord NC. I practice at Lotus Living Arts. A big shout out to Vicky H, Connie D and Amber N for teaching me to breathe, let it go and not take it so seriously.
    -Heather C

  • stephanie

    Student in the Asheville, NC area.
    Hi Stacey, I see you’re in the region also 🙂

    • Stacey

      Hey Stephanie! Asheville representing!

  • Shannon

    Colorado! I teach at various apartment complexes in the burns & at Campus Cycles. I practice at home & at Kindness Yoga.

  • Katherine

    I teach and take classes at Ahh Yoga in Springfield Il.

  • Jennifer Sunderlin

    I’m from northern West Virginia, I practice at Main Street Yoga!

  • Viana

    In San Antonio, Texas, been teaching Yogafit since 2002. Currently enrolled in my 200 RYT Teacher Training graduating in May. Love my wonderful experience in RYT, can’t wait to take my education further. I teach Yoga and fitness class’s fir a non-profit organization.

  • Melanie

    MD.. And I teach vinyasa and gentle yoga

  • Lauren

    Hey! I’m from the Bay Area and teach around here, as well as take yoga at YogaWorks, yogaglo online, and corepower.

  • Austin, Texas! But my favorite teachers are Amy Matthews and Lauren Wigo of New York, New York.

  • Deb

    Cleveland Heights, Ohio

    I teach and take classes at several spots on the east side CLE suburbs

    Anatomy geek here!

  • Calli

    I’m in Orange County, CA and I practice at Kaya Yoga Remedy.

  • Tara Somers

    From Queens NY practice at Yoga Shakti Yoga Center all the teachers are great

  • Peter

    I’m from Simsbury, CT and practice every day at Bikram Yoga Simsbury or any studio I can find when I’m away from home. I’m going to 500 hour teacher training this summer. Can’t wait! My favorite teacher is Tammy at BYS.

  • Christine

    Shout out to Brookings, Oregon. Home of Visana yoga studio, where I teach and practice

  • Desiré

    I’m yoga teacher in Kansas City, MO. I’m learning to love hot yoga at The Yoga Fix.

  • Desiré

    I’m a yoga teacher in Kansas City, MO. I’m also learning to love hot yoga at The Yoga Fix.

  • Natasha

    Muskoka Ontario Canada:)

  • Lisa H

    My yoga practice began 7 years (5 months and 16 days) ago in NYC with Mindy Bacharach and last weekend I just completed my first 200 hour TT in San Francisco with Stephanie Snyder. I would love to have another anatomy book to deepen my understanding.

  • Pelle

    I’m teaching alignment-based yoga in Lund, Sweden, and practice Ashtanga Vinyasa at home, inspired by my distant teachers Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. Always getting into anatomy discussions with my girlfriend, who is a physical therapist, so I need some more material to be better prepared!

  • Nizolee Helfmann

    I am from Germany but practice and teach in NZ at the remote East Cape. Shout out to Wendy Shutt for her awesomeness.

  • Rose

    Every single class from every single teacher I’ve ever taken has taught me something. I’m currently teaching and practicing in Grand Rapids MI at The Studio Yoga in Kentwood.

  • watch Female Fitness motivation || Anllela Sagra >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9iHU4tPlC8

  • Jeanne

    From Ireland and practice at home. Favorite teachers would be kino mcgregor and Tim fieldman, mark robbeds, David Swenson, Richard freeman.

  • Caroline

    I’m Caroline, from Jacksonville, I practice at a studio near my house!

  • Nikki Cook

    Nikki here from Madison,WI! I teach and practice at Blue Soul Yoga and Monona Yoga Center!

  • Ken Yee

    I take my yoga classes mainly at Yoga Tree in San Francisco these days, though occasionally I’ll take an Iyengar-y class at the California Yoga Center in Mountain View. I’m so lucky that there are so many fabulously great teachers in the SF Bay Area!

  • Have a small studio in Rockport, MA…many favorite teachers including Patricia Walden and Barbara Benagh both from MA.

  • hey this really helped me out give it a try its awesome http://bit.ly/2m1hBej goodluck 😀

  • Roxan

    From Los Angeles and I practice at yoga loft in manhattan beach!

  • Becky

    I am in NC, teach and practice at Second Wind Eco Tour and Yoga in Swansboro. Shout out to Terry Brown Triad Yoga Institute inGreensboro NC for being the best teacher ever!

  • I’m a yoga educator in rural Middle Tennessee (Benton County). Y’all come see us at Lotus in Bloom Yoga Center.

  • Theresa V.

    my kind of town- Chicago! teach yoga and prenatal yoga at Bloom Yoga and Sana Vita.

  • From Stamford CT and love taking classes at Sama, New Canaan and Dew Yoga, Stamford

  • didi

    I’m from the Boston area and study yoga at the Down Under Yoga School. I love anatomy.

  • Kate

    Reppin’ Philly, teaching and taking classes at MotherHeart Yoga Sangha! Shout out to our fearless leader, Dawn MotherHeart!!

  • chandler

    Inverness, Florida! Teach at Inverness Wellness and Yoga Center. Big teacher shout out to Kristy Hack in Chicago though.

  • Juanita Marino

    I’m in New Orleans & practice at Swan River Yoga with the amazing Kelly Haas!

  • Nancy McCarthy

    I am a teacher/student . My ongoing teacher is Natasha Judson, who is an excellent teacher

  • Sara

    Yoga is good but in my opinion better is working out in home or in the gym. You can easly lose some pounds and make your body perfect 🙂 And you can do it everywhere you want by home exercises . Its all about knowledge and motivation 🙂 Last time i saw girls who did great job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp6JO1HY8oM just take a look . Everybody can change his body if you wanted 🙂

  • I’m from Las Vegas and just getting back into yoga.

    • No quotsien this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

  • I’m a video editor from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I finish my 200hr teacher training at the end of March from Sani Yoga. http://saniyoga.com/ Anatomy has blown my mind and I can’t wait to learn more.

  • I live in Tollhouse Ca, in the foothills outside of Fresno. My favorite teacher is Mary Murphy, a local teacher. I teach two hatha classes and one Chair yoga class at a Church in Fresno.

  • Fantastic article!

    And maybe someone can find it interesting: https://fitnessreport.com/

  • Kate

    I live in chicago and practice at bloom, room to breathe, and lawndale Christian fitness center…and also my home !

  • Stephanie

    I practice yoga all day. Yoga is life. The studios I frequent are in California- the old school hot yoga with owners sean and Margie ( I sub occasionally), sacred palace in eureka is where I teach. I practice hot yoga regularly in north Bay Area of Marin and Sonoma counties. Lynn Witlow has bee my mentor for several years. When I travel back east I enjoy Baltimore bikram yoga. attended the one fire fest last year with Esak, and will go again later this month. I would love to have this book in my collection!

  • Betsy

    I am from Gaithersburg, MD. I have my own business teaching small group classes to women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, as well as private yoga classes. I am also a certified health coach. My favorite yoga teacher is Francesca Cervero.

  • I live and teach in Salisbury, MD . I have a small group that meets at Live Fit & another group in Princess Anne, MD . I practice at home with Kathryn Budig (online) & whenever I can with my favorite teacher Irene Pappas (@fitqueenirene). 🙂

  • Ashu Semwal

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  • Adrian

    I’m from México city and I teach here in Mexico City.


  • Jade Jinkens

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  • It looks like a great book for teachers and interested students

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