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TWIY: Why Every Entrepreneur Should Practice Yoga, Forget Hip-Openers PART 2, Namaste Cat!

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Smell that? No it’s not your neighbor’s yoga mat, it’s the spring air! The seasons are changing and whether you’re lucky enough to be sniffing the sweet aroma of April showers and/or flowers, we will ALL be feeling the shift of the awesome lunar eclipse/Blood Moon by tomorrow. So, we hope you’ve enjoyed life as it was because it’s about to be flipped upside down!

OK. We’re being a bit dramatic, but full moons are always enlightening, if you will, and the Blood Moon, which will take on a blood reddish hue due to the Earth’s shadow (the same reason a sunset is red), is extra special because it hasn’t happened in the past two years and it’s the first of a tetrad, a series of of four full lunar eclipses in the next eighteen months. It will not, however, trigger the end of the world, all depending on whether or not you got your taxes done. Zing!

East coasters can start looking for the show around 12:53 a.m. ET, but the full “blood”iness won’t arrive until around 3:45am. Hold onto your yoga pants, and enjoy!

And now for your pre-life-changing-lunar-eclipse yoga news…

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