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This Musical ‘Yoga’ Number from 1983 is Amazing (VIDEO)

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Now that’s some yoga. If you’ve never seen this clip of “Y.O.G.A” from the 1983 Hindi action thriller HAADSAA, you are in for a rare musical treat. Sometimes we have to thank the goddesses of YouTube.

Apparently the song in the scene is a nod to/ripp-off of this Kraftwerk song. Women in spandex leotards, levitation, a creepy fake guru, partner acrobatics and a sing-a-long a la Kraftwerk? Oh, yoga in old movies, you are all the disturbingness we could’ve asked for, especially when it comes to depicting “yoga.” Though this film is from the 80s it could easily be included in the Elvis “Rock ‘n’ Roll Yoga” category.

Get ready to be singing “Y…O…GA Yooooga…Yoga” the rest of the day.

[H/T Boing Boing]



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  • VQ2

    When Hemalayaa teaches Bollywood Dance (or Bollywood Vinyasa Yoga, for that matter) she surely doesn’t teach THIS.

    Very hard gymnasts bodies. Awesome rhythmic gymnastics. No wonder it hadn’t been popular in the 1980s. Because at least folks knew that THIS wasn’t yoga, then. And is possibly acroyoga now …

    It’s how I want to remember my this century’s sojourn with yoga … (just kidding …)

  • Tad Dasana

    What has been seen cannot be unseen! Ahhhhhhhhhh! This is just so wrong.

    Can’t wait for blu-ray.

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