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And the answer is…

‘Maggie May’ had her former lover tied up in knots…

B. Rod Stewart!

In his latest autobiography Rod Stewart admits he was stricken with heartbreak after model/wife of eight years Rachel Hunter called it quits in 1998. Driven to the “point of madness” Stewie tried everything including yoga and therapy, neither of which worked out too well for the studly, raspy-voiced singer. Like moths to a flame the ladies still couldn’t stay away.

And I tried therapy. This had never appealed to me. For me, I’m British: we don’t do therapy.

“But I was in extremis, so I went. Indeed, I tried three different therapists… One was a middle-aged woman, and what can I say? She came on to me. I’m sure there are one or two stern paragraphs advising against that kind of thing in the professional statutes for therapists.

Good thing the yoga teacher was a dude? At least in that case he only got a singed heiney. Burn.


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