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What do yoga and saving the world from a zombie invasion have in common? If you thought nothing, you clearly haven’t talked to Doris Rusch, creator of the Xbox Kinect video game Zombie Yoga. In this game, players do four different yoga poses, like warrior 1 or tree pose, to direct light (their inner light) [...]


Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought ‘ughhhhhhh I feel like a zombie!’ Yeah, there’s yoga for that. Thanks to Yoga Outreach for this cheeky, cah-reeeepy zombie yoga video.


Hey spooksters and yoga ghouls, we’re off into November mode, but before we get too swept away into the holidays (eep!) we need your votes for the YD Halloween Photo Contest Finalists! Tell us what they’ll win, Bob. The yogi with the most votes will receive a $50 gift certificate for ANYTHING in the Drishti [...]


This is super creeptastic. Yoga in a cemetery? Like where they bury the dead and film lots of scary scenes in horror movies? Yes indeed, Antebellum Gallery is presenting Yoga Forever, a yoga class held at Hollywood Forever (the real name of a cemetery), on the lawn in front of the mausoleum every Tuesday at 7 [...]


Sadly, last year’s Zombie Yoga will not be returning this Halloween for a sequel (seems it was only a trailer for a new book). Bummer. But, believe it or not, there are actually a couple of events endeavoring to combine yoga and Halloween this year. Halloween Harvest Midnight Yoga at Laughing Lotus The studio’s usual [...]