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Milo the yoga video kiboshing cat! All we can say is this little furry pal was not into his human companion’s selfie yoga practice video, and it’s really funny and cute. At least it was the camera and not her crotch. Hey-O. —— Earlier… Adorable Namaste Cat Does Morning Namaste Practice (VIDEO) How-to: Partner Yoga [...]


If you haven’t seen this video of yoga teacher Chelsea Roff receiving the best ever “Prank it Fwd” then you must watch it right now. The YouTube video which has been shared through every internet outlet possible has already received over 5.7 million views and probably produced almost just as many tear-soaked tissues because this [...]


This daredevil decided it would be fun to strap a GoPro camera to his shoe and handstand on the edge of a 40-story building. You know, like it’s no big thing. Scott Young is his name and he’s part of 3Run, a group of Parkour and Free-running folks who often pull death-defying stunts like balancing [...]

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One man takes on the world one set of tight buns in yoga pants at a time. So this, dear friends and yogs, is what we have come to: Pranking unsuspecting men ogling at a yoga pants-clad bootie only to be gotcha’d by…gasp…a dude!


And now for something completely silly and brainlessly entertaining. Bulldog yoga! If you weren’t already aware, French bulldogs, and bulldogs of all types, seem to be especially huge fans of yoga. Sure, all canines appreciate the occasional feelgood up-and-downward dog, but these little smushface munchkin pups show it off with such exceeding dexterity and adorable [...]


Late night commercials are the best, arewerite? If this one is any indication of their powers to move you through cheap production and local acting flair, maybe even predicting your future, then you’ll know what we mean. We caught this little spark of enlightenment in the form of a late night ad spot between the [...]


The plot of this “Partner Yoga” web series is rather odd and off the wall, but then again, so are a fair portion of the yoga teachers and classes out there! From a team of creatives and yogis in Brooklyn, “Yoga Partners” is a kooky, funny and, at times, absurd peak into the world of [...]


Yoga with your cats?! How could we not share? Our favorite is Purrior II to Reverse Purrior. Cute! Though we don’t recommend you try this at home unless you want kitty to help you locate aka scratch your third eye. Rowwwwhhrrr. Meoooowwwooohhhm. —— Earlier… Cat Yoga With the Internet’s Feline Expert – Video Cutest Pic of [...]


Are yoga web series the new reality dance shows coming to a TV near you? They could be! For now we’ll have to settle for the webby format. Those of you who watched the first few episodes of Yoga Town know it’s pretty funny. And it’s a comedy, not reality, but you tell us you [...]