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We love quick, to the point how-to meditation videos. They’re super helpful! Give us some adorable animation to boot and we are happy meditating campers. This cute “Meditation 101” video from Happify isn’t a guided meditation per se but it will help guide you on your way towards a regular meditation practice, especially if you’ve [...]


How can you become ultra spiritual? There are so many rules! So many steps on this sacred path. Luckily JP Sears lays it all out for us so that we, too, can achieve our most ultra spiritual selves. In case you missed it, JP has been delivering his stellar tips on living the ultra spiritual [...]


Seriously lacking in your spirituality game? Time to step it up. Here are some super tips to get you über, ultra spiritual – or at least look and act like it! For times when you’re not sure if you’re silently judge-y enough or feeling inadequate amounts of holier than thou, this video from JP Sears [...]


We don’t usually post a lot of videos like this but we’re sharing this one for two reasons: 1) While the yoga and yogi appear to be the focus at first, it’s the people walking by that quickly become the real main subject. 2) Time-lapse video is pretty fantastic in its juxtapositions of time. This [...]


We’re loving this new “Posers” episode about yoga class love connections. Vibing, vocalizing and hugging heart chakras. Oh boy. If you’ve been enjoying this hilarious web series as much as we have you won’t want to miss the latest episodes. They’re funny, cheeky, endearing and chock full of lol-able one-liners, and we rarely lol at [...]


If you haven’t noticed yoga has a diversity issue, you may be blissfully blind to color, or you may be white.  There have been more than a few articles recently pointing out the whiteness of yoga in America as its popularity continues to expand. But despite what we see in the media, black people DO [...]


Yes, it’s yet another yoga web series…wait…come back! This one is pretty funny! We promise you’ll get at least one satisfactory chuckle out of “Posers” written by and starring the uber exuberant Megan Gonzalez and Cait Doyle. The series follows Cait and Megan as they traverse their way through the trials and tribulations of the [...]


Distractions are literally everywhere, and likely hiding in your pocket.RIGHT.NOW. We have drishtis (or focused gaze) in yoga practice, but it’s looking more and more like we’ll need them to hold an average live and in-person conversation. This hilarious video from funny guy Michael Stusser (you may remember him as the guy in the sexy [...]

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Seriously, where would we be without the utter adorableness of Pancho the Yoga-Practicing Chihuahua Pup? Some of us might remember P-dawg from his first squee-worthy yoga video. We have to say there isn’t too much visible difference in his practice between then and now, but we yogis know that change isn’t always what happens on [...]

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