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Yogi Cameron

We love Ellen! And now we can love her even more as a bonafide YogaDork! The latest Shape magazine (May 2010) has the cheery talk show host waxing poetic on her love for yoga and how she made the move from punchy power practice to a more challenging (for her) routine of calming the h [...]


Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Yogamatic, the crew behind the customizable yoga mats have come up with an all-star video series, a “yogamentary” called “POSERS: Yogastyles of the Movers and Shakers” in which they grill celebriyogis like Michelle Branch, Mariel Hemingway and LA “Yoga King” Vinnie Marino with the eternal questions: “What defines your [...]


Volunteers Destress the Distressed: Yoga non-profit Reach Out Yoga is Oregon’s newest “Destress Brigade,” (our coinage) bringing yoga techniques to at-risk residents of all ages who are seeking help with the stresses of personal issues, as well as domestic crises, addiction, and recovery. They’re on valiant mission. However, this fledgling needs the help of donations to file for federal non-profit status, pay staff and purchase [...]