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Now for the crucial and important news…are your yoga pants giving you butt breakouts? More at 6. If you wear your stretchy yoga pants all day long and don’t give your undercarriage a breather, all that sweat-wicking technology goes right down the proverbial buttne drain. Buttne: butt acne. It happens to the best of us, [...]


It’s Earth Day! We here at YD like to call it “Home Appreciation Day.” Though yogis could tell you we don’t need a separate day to celebrate, it’s nice to take the time to recognize. And because the yoga world is not immune to consumerism and material items (though some may try to live otherwise) we thought [...]

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We know, Lady Gaga. Sister’s a piece of work. The Lady of Gag was spotted the other day in NYC heading to yoga wearing this interesting outfit. A fuzzy pink robe and a face mask to yoga? Well, when she’s not wearing this funky getup, or her underwear, or you know, nothing.  But, hey, we have [...]


Lole, a fellow Canadian yoga lifestyle brand making a run for Lululemon’s market, is making a statement with their third annual White Tour. This year they’re taking over five different art museums in five cities – Barcelona, New York, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton – in order to promote “peace and well-being.”


So, er…there’s this see-through yoga pants sitch going on. A concerned member of the community forwarded us this handy, overly simplistic and cheeky flowchart to help you in your yoga wear decision making process (especially if you just can’t let go of your lulu pants). Guys, boxer briefs? Do you agree? —— Earlier… Jimmy Kimmel [...]


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, profferer of nice things, wife of British pop singer, fan of naming kids after fruit, is a longtime yoga devotee and has finally manifested her finest masterpiece, a “dream” yoga top! It’s a limited edition one shouldered yoga top for $75 and it’s available exclusively on her lifestyle blog goop.com in collaboration [...]


Not happy losing to Lululemon in the yoga pants wars, Nike is slapping its swoosh on other parts of your anatomy, your feet. Because what we need is to buy more unnecessary yog-accoutrement! Especially on your tootsies, those poor things, they’re all bare and stuff. We can’t have that, because bare feet have limits, you see.


Distraught over the latest shakeup in the yoga pants world? OMG. Us either. But, it’s an interesting side effect of this burgeoning and competitive yoga (pants) industry. Thankfully, the Wall Street Journal has put the feud in perspective with the help of an infographic. Exhibit A: Lululemon “Astro” pants compared to CK “imposter.”


Oh, no! The lululemmings are under attack! It’s true, in the fight of good versus evil in big time butt-hugging yoga pants market, ganking a patented design means war. Or a lawsuit.