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So when Deepak Chopra isn’t writing his 80th book, defining spirituality, dueling with Hinduism and Western Egos or occupying Wall Street, apparently he’s at home playing his own video game and meditating with his virtual self. In case you were curious! We had a feeling when we first reported on the blisstastic interactive meditative adventure [...]


And so we’ve arrived at the new era of enlightenment, through the pixels on your TV/computer/gadget screen. All your phantasmagorical blissotry dreams have come true! And you don’t even have to take any drugs or wear tie-dye, cause it’s already animated right in front of you. Feast your senses on none other than Deepak Chopra‘s [...]


Breaking! Video gamers trade blasting bad guys for virtual yoga class!* Ha, just kidding. Microsoft held a big fancy launch party on Sunday night to kick off, and show off, Kinect, (previously known as Project Natal) and their new Xbox 360 contribution to the fitness gaming world, Kinect Sports (think Wii Fit). As part of [...]


Ooooh the video gamers have got their thumbs twisted in knots over this! ‘Yoga’ for Xbox 360? Could it be? Well it’s more than a rumor. According to a release schedule (since been pulled from the interwebs) the easter egg at the end of usual suspects was a game entitled ‘Yoga’ Natal (briefly listed on [...]


We’ve been keeping a steady eye on Nintendo’s latest efforts to keep us cooped up in our homes with nary a reason to see the daylight ever again! Exaggeration? Have you seen the new Wii Yoga they’ve got primed for launch in October? Last month we reported on the fair maiden who will guide us [...]


“Anja Rubik embodies the spirit of Yoga and thus is the perfect guide to increase motivation and promote the practice of this peaceful fitness regime.” Slinky selling from Markus Reutner, marketing manager of JoWooD Productions, the company responsible for Wii ‘Yoga’ due out this October (not to be confused with yoga in Wii Fit). International [...]


Well, if Pay by Donation doesn’t work out… there’s always Wii. Or Wii Yoga, a big focus at this year’s E3 (that’s the big Electronic Entertainment Expo for you non nerdy types). Of course WE know the Wii can’t replace a classroom setting, or even a well guided home practice, but our guess is it’ll [...]


We warned you about it way back in the high times of summer, and here it comes… Yoga for Wii! As if teachers and studios didn’t have enough to contend with in the age of Recession Yoga! This isn’t your casual ‘Wii Fit yogi’ style, wedged alongside ski jumps and hula hoops. This is solely [...]


Persevering in Preservation: In continued a effort to effectively preserve the booty of Indian culture, from pillaging pirates of the West, the event, er the four-day mega event called ‘Arogya Mela’  is underway in Ludhiana, India. For the second year in a row, the fair is intended to promote awareness of traditional Indian medicine systems, including [...]