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“The show @runningrussell and the book remind us of our Atman (higher self) are we sure we like this image?” says @UncleRUSH Via his website GlobalGrind, “The upcoming docu-series “Running Russell Simmons” series offers an exclusive peek at the life of Russell Simmons — entrepreneur, entertainment and fashion icon, philanthropist and yogi –and the powerful [...]

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Look out world, here comes Bikram the Yoga King! With megaton balls, and a massive hot yoga empire getting ready to capitalize the pants off you. And we thought Lady Gaga yoga was bigger than Elvis… Bikram is going to BE Elvis!  Or so we gather from the latest story about Mr. hot pants Choudhury [...]


If the NYTimes wanted to paint the picture of a joyfully Self-absorbed yogi overlord reclined in his cushy chair, tended to by doting assistants while amusing himself  with his own sound bites of wisdom, well they sure did a good job of it, down to the photo caption “Boss pose”.  Not to say this gargantuan [...]


Stop the presses! Bethenny Frankel, reality-TV star and perpetually skinny natural foods chef, has lost the baby weight! Sure it’s only been a few weeks since giving birth, but judging by the before and after photos above (thx foxnews!), did she really gain any weight besides the actual babushka to begin with? Um, we mean, [...]


No, not Ravi Shankar, the sitar superstar, but Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the 54-year-old spiritual leader and yogapreneur behind the Art of Living Foundation. Contrary to earlier reports that Sri Sri had been the victim of a gun attack, it turns out they (the police, etc.) don’t really where the firing came from or who [...]


OK quick! What Midwesterner got obsessed with the occult, was tangled up in sex scandals and simultaneously became an overnight sensation bringing yoga pop to the masses? No, it’s not Madonna!  It’s Perry Baker! Who? No worries if you haven’t heard of him, Mr. Baker, or his preferred nom de yog, Pierre Arnold Bernard, was [...]


Room service! Would you like a side of vasithasana with your vichyssois? Last week we cracked up at the idea of in-room bed warmers – live people in special suits?! So would it really be so bizarre for hotels to offer in-room private yoga as a standard amenity? We say no! And may we also [...]


Who’s got talent? This little notice was forwarded to our inbox. Well, we’ve been here before, with the craigslist casting call last year for Eat, Pray Love extras. pfft, extras? Here’s your chance to be the star! Celebriyogidom! We really don’t know any more details than the flyer lets on. If you’re interested, and have [...]


Gah! Did we really leave Martha Stewart off The List? For shame. How were we to know the magnate of better living would be yoga-ing it up with Sting‘s yoga-partner-in-life Trudie Styler? We weren’t invited! Last time we saw Madame Martha in her stretchy pants she was demonstrating some awkward maneuvers with a dog. Doga [...]