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Yoga’s busting out all over. We’ve broached, and bemoaned the topic many times here on YD, yoga-ing in a country that has YT talent agencies, money-nabbing licensing debacles, and mats you can snap up at Best Buy. But is this boom of yoga all bad? John Philp may have a few things to say about [...]


Most know David Lynch as the eccentric director with a keen ability to creep everyone out (The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive). But more recently DL’s been getting the spotlight for focusing his energies on directing school children, er… to chill out through Transcendental Meditation and his non-profit org, the David Lynch Foundation. Yes, [...]


Have you heard of Enlighten Up! A Skeptic’s Journey Into the World of Yoga?? Surely by now. We reviewed the yogamentary last year when it toured around popping up on select movie screens across the country. Did it skip your town? Not to worry! The US tour is pretty much over, but now everyone can [...]


Lots of !!!’s Well it’s a mouthful, but let us be the first to wish you a Happy Enlighten Up! Yogamentary DVD Release Day! Why so happy? Because we’re giving away 2 copies! The DVD features the full film plus 50+ mins of bonus footage. Also very exciting is the Q+A with filmmaker Kate Churchill [...]


Hey there! Big news. We’ve been awarded the distinct honor of grilling politely interviewing the stars of the hit yogamentary Enlighten Up! A Skeptic’s Journey Into the World of Yoga (read the YD review). Yes they are allowing us yoyos to unleash our skills of inquiry on filmmaker Kate Churchill and Nick Rosen (the skeptic). [...]