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Did you know there was a Thich Nhat Hanh documentary? The international trailer was just released and we have it here. Shot over the course of three years, “Walk With Me” is the Thich Nhat Hanh story you haven’t read in his vast collection of inspirational books. The film, directed by Max Pugh & Marc [...]


Middle school is a crazy time. There’s more independence, more responsibility, more pressure and more expectation. In short, just more to BE and DO. On top of this, middle school-aged kids are dealing with their own changing bodies and hormones which can be confusing and frustrating and often times difficult to navigate. We know. It [...]


A new film, AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, following the life and impact of Paramahansa Yogananda will be hitting the theaters this October. Known as a spiritual figure, Yogananda is credited for introducing millions of westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga in the 1920s and 30s and beyond.


We feel a little PBS fundraiser-ish around here sometimes – for just $50 you’ll get a DVD and commemorative bookmark! We have Bill Cosby on the phone right now taking your calls! – but yoga is no stranger to this new and wild world of online crowdfunding and we’re happy to help spread the word [...]


Lately, there seem to be yogamentaries (yoga-focused documentaries) coming out of our ears and asanas, but we can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing. As long as they’re good and people watch them. With the approach of this new kickstarter project telling the stories of meditators of all stripes, we think people beyond the yoga [...]


A new documentary film takes a look at yoga and its influence on the modern world. (Note: That sentence feels like a broken record after the multitude of the yogamentaries blossoming out of the woodwork the past few years.) Presented by Doc&Roll, this particular film features the likes of Senior Iyengar teacher Lisa Walford, America’s favorite yoga instructor Elena Brower and meditative guru Alan Finger along with a focus on nonprofits like the Prison Yoga Project.


Now here’s a yogamentary we dig! If you enjoy the lighter side of yoga culture, and rather, taking the piss out of this practice (which is why we love you) then you might want to help these dudes make The Yogi™, a mockumentary style yoga film. Their premise? “A 3,000 year-old practice is commodified.  Cool?  [...]


Hey it’s a new yogamentary! On women! Shocker, right? Women practice yoga? Really though, Yogawoman is a film on how yoga, and the subculture surrounding it, has been embraced, bolstered and transformed by women the world over. It’s as much about female empowerment as it is about yoga practice. Some critics are already disagreeing over [...]


Who’s got talent? This little notice was forwarded to our inbox. Well, we’ve been here before, with the craigslist casting call last year for Eat, Pray Love extras. pfft, extras? Here’s your chance to be the star! Celebriyogidom! We really don’t know any more details than the flyer lets on. If you’re interested, and have [...]