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This has got to be THE coolest thing ever…seriously, Merry Christmas to YD! Perhaps you’re a frequenter here, or are already part of the twitter twibe or facebook page. Or maybe you even have a tee to show it, but have you ever wondered where in the world are the other #yogadorks? Presenting #yogadorks of [...]


UPDATE: Pre-orders are now closed. Please go to the shop to #yogadork yourself! Well, hello! This has been a project in the making for a wee while now and we’re so excited to finally announce our next tshirt!! Huzzah. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the incredible response to the ‘Yoga Is My Bailout‘ tee, and [...]


It’s YogiTwitter Friday! (obviously) and what better way to celebrate than with a fancy celeb appearance? But not just any celeb, a Celebriyogi, Sting! He just joined Twitter! And is maybe even a #yogadork. So let’s all raise our virtual yogi(ni) martinis in celebration of Friday (woowoo) and to welcome everybody’s favorite tantric “desert rose” [...]


OH my goodness! It’s a twitribe of yogadorks! Just when you think you’re having a backwards bad day awesome yogitweeters go and fix you right up with a barrage of #yogadork hashtag cheer. We’re so taken by the overwhelming dorky response it’s melted our wee YD hearts, and we just had to sit here quietly [...]