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You can’t keep this Dawg from good zinger brilliance! Exclusively lent to YD. Somewhere in the parallel universe a pair of twins were spewed from the loins of the Cosmic Mother with such force that it ruptured the firmament and caused the twins to be born to two different earth mothers at different times, in [...]


YogaDawg joins the naked yoga trend with his latest RARE bare dawg bottom shilling for brews. Where’s your beer yoga mat dawg? —— Earlier… Are Yoga Ads Too Sexy? Have Your Say on Judith Lasater vs Yoga Journal, ToeSox Nudegate Jivamukti Teachers Get Naked for PETA Six-Pack Yoga: Presenting the Beer Yoga Mat!


This is simply just one of the best things ever. Of course! What with all the Yoga Allstars these days and real celebriyogis it’s only natural to have a Hot Scale rating system. Though we’re never surprised when YogaDawg whips up something hilarious, doggone it, this had us howling. And it’s a perfect lead in [...]


Yippee! YD made it on the list of Top 100 Yoga Blogs! Thanks to nursing site LVN to RN who created the list. It’s a good one. As with any accolades, like the mention in Yoga Journal, ahem, we are honored and grateful to be amongst such prestigious company. Shout outs to Roseanne (at It’s [...]


Yes, yes it’s also St. Patrick’s Day. Erin Go Braugh! You’re probably too bleary-eyed to be reading anything “serious” today, especially through those green beer goggles you’ve got on, eh? So it’s our pleasure to share with you a colorful collection, if you will, of quotes from everyone’s favorite Yoga ‘Don’ Bikram Choudhury, brought to [...]


On this day of history and change, a last little jab of presidential yoga humor. From our favorite canine yogi, YogaDawg, read on for a letter of thanks from President Bush, the ever dutiful yogi decider. Martha Washington For EternallyBlissfulYoga Magazine In an exclusive to EternallyBlissfulYoga Magazine, a letter from President George Bush to Sri [...]