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We’ve seen enough public displays of yoga to sink our navasana! And we’ve come to appreciate what can be called yoga dance, or something of the shakti shaking sort, thanks Thom Yorke! Lotus unfurling aside, one could argue for the yogic art, that delicate dance between body, breath and mind, and maybe even a partner. [...]


Fun! If you’re like us and can’t get enough of this new Radiohead song, you’re going to love a Yogi’s take on Thom Yorke’s shaktitastic dance moves. While we anxiously await all the sure to be hilarious parodies, spoofs, personal renditions and over the top mash-ups to flood the interwebs, we can enjoy Adnan Iftekhar [...]


Oh, you are so going to looove this or hate it bad. If choreographed yoga has your nadis in a twist, prepare yourself for the Bob Fosse-fied Broadway Musical! It’s Yoga Tango! All jazz hands and breathy ujjayi to the tune of Chicago‘s “Cell Block Tango.” It’s pretty much an ad for Sonic Yoga here in NYC, a studio [...]