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yoga teacher training

The yoga teacher train is a speeding bullet! And it’s not slowing down. According to some new eye-opening statistics, more than 14,700 yoga teacher training grads registered with Yoga Alliance last year. And you can imagine how many did not – according to the Wall Street Journal it’s likely just as many. So that’s close [...]


by J. Brown Yoga teachers don’t really make a living off teaching yoga classes anymore. Many rely upon conducting yoga teacher training. But contrary to popular belief, this trend may have less to do with the business or marketing inclinations of yoga teachers and more to do with the purchasing and study habits of the [...]


If you think yoga teacher is a dream job, you might want to keep your day job. CNNMoney/PayScale’s top 100 careers “with big growth, great pay and satisfying work” is out and you’ll never guess what made the list. OK, you can probably guess thanks to our headline and intro…Ranking in at top job number 10…is…drum [...]


Colorado yoga studios are feeling major heat from the state which is suddenly cracking down an old law requiring studio owners to pay certification fees for yoga teacher training. The real bone of contention lies in whether or not yoga teacher training can be defined as preparing students for “gainful employment.” Now that’s a loaded [...]


A suit recently filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court claims that Wanderlust Festival knowingly stole NYC-based yoga teacher Alanna Kaivalya’s training methods for their own purposes after stringing her along for months. In the court documents, Kaivalya alleges that Wanderlust founders Jeff Krasno and Sean Hoess pretended they were planning to hire her to run a new [...]


We have reached the age of yoga teacher training online deals and we’re not sure we like it. Skimming through a pile of emails thick with holiday sales and promotions, this popped out at us, alongside the drag show and dinner for two and above the 20 units of botox offer, a deal for 50 [...]


In the isolated safety bubble of a pristine yoga studio, odes to Ganesha humming from the ipod dock…has it ever popped into your head to examine how you came to be here, and what life is like on the ‘wrong side of the mat?’ I’m guessing that it has, and that, like me, you yearn to share this transformative practice with others whose life situations make them unlikely to stumble upon it.


We were sad to learn of the loss of yoga scholar and author Georg Feuerstein at a young 65 years old. However, we are not at a loss for scholarly texts and articles thanks to the prolific career of Dr. Feuerstein who had a reputation for his steady and tireless investigation and interpretation of yoga. We came across his take on the ethics involved with teaching yoga. Perhaps some timely advice we thought you’d find interesting.


Tired of your dead end job? Had it with cube dwelling and stapler-stealers at the 9-5er? Drop your Dolly Parton broken record and become a yoga teacher! U.S.News & World Report shares with us what so many have already realized, yoga teacher training has become the new grad school! “I’m going back to school to [...]