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Yoga Service Council

If you’ve never heard of the Yoga Service Council, now’s your chance to discover an invaluable organization and do something great. If you have heard of them, maybe you hadn’t heard that they’re running their first-ever membership drive to build their community and help raise funds for the wonderful work they do to make yoga [...]


The Yoga Service Council needs our help. And, hey, we know about asking for help. The YSC, the group responsible for gathering together today’s yoga service leaders in the first of its kind annual Yoga Service Conference, the organization highlighting the need for yoga service and encouraging social action and responsibility, is asking for a [...]


As yoga expands, it’s also getting smaller. Smaller in the sense that members of the yoga community are increasingly focusing their attention on the microcosms and smaller pockets that exist amongst practitioners that have been otherwise overlooked, and in many cases, underserved. This is partly why the Yoga Service Council came to be in the [...]


It’s what we’ve all talked about. There’s no denying it. They’re baaaaaaack…the holidays are here! We know, you’re either doing the happy dance right now or hiding your head under a pillow. But ready or not, the holiday season is upon us and we wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on some organizations worth your [...]


“Yoga used as therapy for Fort Gordon soldiers with brain injuries” is the kind of headline that can make our day. In a world where peaceful warrior is still just a nice stretchy yoga pose, we’re happy to see that yoga can still play its role in establishing a state of peace, and in this case rehabilitation.