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Yoga Piracy

As doctors, healers and delegates from all over the world gather together for the 4th annual World Ayurveda Congress & Expo in Bangalore this Thursday, December 9th, we have to wonder, should we be preparing ayurvedadork.com? Ayurveda, literally “science of life” in sanskrit, grew its roots thousands of years ago in, seeping into the Western [...]


The Washington Post has joined in on the ‘Yoga Wars’ debate (who named it this anyway?) It’s been said the battles began when sweaty star Bikram Choudhury moved to patent his sequence of 26 poses back in ’04. Since then we’ve been hearing more and more about India reclaiming their ancient heritage by documenting yoga, [...]


While many Western yogis perish the thought of locking down an absolute definition of yoga – why pigeon hole the practice as physical, spiritual, or religious? And discount all the crazy hybrids and spin-offs with rollerblades and 105 degree heat franchise opportunities? Not a chance! Also, that government licensing issue gets pretty sticky when we [...]


What’s one thing you DON’T need when profits are performing sub-par? Knockoffs! We’re not going to call this the ‘yoga’ tipping point per se, but rather the lulu luxury tipping point in yoga-image-wear. When there’s already a dubious murmuring from investors, seriously staunch competition and exorbitant prices working against you, the last thing you want [...]


India says no more of this patenting yoga rubbish. D’ya hear that Bikram? We reported at the beginning of the year India was already headlong into an effort to “preserve” their history of yoga, and even going so far as to open a Yoga Museum in Mumbai. To further the efforts, a team of 200 [...]