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yoga pants

In today’s you’re doing what to where? to wear what? news. Women are getting their lady parts physically altered to look better in yoga pants. There, we said it. Technically called labiaplasty, the operation is the equivalent of a facelift except for the lips of your vagina. While some of these procedures are done for reasons [...]


Strutting down the runway at this fall’s New York Fashion Week? Yoga pants! So many fashion designers are hating this right now. Yoga pants on the runway? Blasphemy. But it’s become a reality and a dream come true – or nightmare depending on who you ask. It’s a new dawn for “athleisure” the inevitable hybrid of [...]


For the love of yoga pants! With all the joy they bring, there sure is a lot of negativity. The yoga pants ban is in full effect, people. Middle schools and high schools across the country have been deeming life’s most comfortable two-legged garments unsuitable for school dress codes. But many yoga pants-clad students are [...]


Your yoga mat has just become a fashion show runway. Just when you think you’ve saved enough pennies for the cutest athleisure day-to-yogaclass-to-lunch-to-erranding-to-dinnerdate yoga outfit, you’re going to have to dig deeper into the couch cushions. Actually, if you have to couch dive to afford your yoga pants, sadly, these new high-end styles are probably [...]


Yoga pants are going to take over the world, and you can’t say Ellen DeGeneres didn’t warn us! The lovable and hilarious comedian opened her show on Wednesday with a very serious message: we are being consumed by yoga pants and there’s nothing any of us can do to stop it. “I want to talk [...]


Teens have come to their senses and are ditching modern torture devices also known as jeans, or denim, or, to some early adopters, dungarees. They are, instead, opting for the comfort and stretchiness of yoga pants causing a spike in what the industry folks now call the annoyingly titled category of “athleisure.” According to research [...]


We know yoga pants have been the bane of fashion’s existence since the “Let’s Get Physical!” spandex-laden 80s. And now there’s a whole industry of athleisure walking around? Oh, the horror! Actress Eva Mendes has said sweat pants are the number one reason for divorce (note: she didn’t say yoga pants, but she pretty much [...]


If you thought $90 was a lot to ask for, try paying 1000 times that for an out of stock style of yoga pants, and that’s not even for a fresh pair. Welcome to the land of Lululemon resale. According to Racked, lulu shoppers will go out of their way, and way beyond their budgets [...]


So, about that yoga pants ban. People of Montana, give your yoga pants a big hug tonight, you are still free to wear them without fear of reprimand, at least by the police. David Moore, the Republican representative who said yoga pants “should be illegal in public” has come out in response to the Internet’s collective [...]