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Yoga Origins

Excuse us? News like this doesn’t exactly help to brighten up the week. According to a German historian, Mathias Tietke, who’s putting out a book on the subject, the Third Reich had a real interest in yoga and some SS death camp guards were even recommended to try the practice. According to Tietke’s new book, Yoga In National Socialism, SS overlord Heinrich Himmler was fascinated with yoga, and manipulated it to justify the Holocaust, and the Nazi goal to attain ‘perfect spiritual insight and tranquility’.


We at YD love infographics! Almost as much as we love yoga, which means we’re giddier than a kundalini at a gong fest when the two come together. Here, we are provided a moment to ponder the meaning of AUM and thanks to Alison Hinks, are given a visualization of its vibrational layers. Click to [...]


Speaking of overly briefness, here’s a 5-minute video on the story of modern Hatha yoga. Sure it’s not the most in-depth chronicling, nor the most thrilling recount (especially when it gets all A Current Affair reenactment) but we kind of dig these historical pop in your back pocket nuggets. Can you guess who the guru [...]


We were impressed by this ‘overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ chart before, but creator Alison Hinks has made some updates. Enjoy the little less-brief, tad more completeness!* Click the image to enlarge or click here for pdf Originally at Alison Hinks Yoga. Yes you may bug her for the poster size. *this is [...]


Presenting ‘An overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ in flowchart form! Oh, how we love charts, especially flowy ones about yoga history. Via an overly generous and amply free time-blessed Alison Hinks. Brief? Incomplete? We think she did a pretty bangin’ job. And we love how it breaks into some modern day yogis. Which [...]


And the dialogue continues! If you’re following along at home wellness superstar Deepak Chopra and Professor Aseem Shuklah have had some words about the origin/”theft” of yoga and its ties to Hinduism. Check out the earlier discussion to catch up.  Well, with Deepak all “Yoga isn’t Hindusim, and therefore not in bed with religion” etc [...]


Uh oh, it’s a rumble! Here’s the yoga beef: – Professor Aseem Shukla says: Yoga is Hindu, and it’s a total sham Western fools don’t recognize! – Deepak Chopra says: What you talkin’ bout, Shukla? Yoga did not originate in Hinduism, it’s so way older than that. If you haven’t read the comments over at [...]


Family and Students united on Sunday May 31 in Mysore, India to bid farewell to Guruji. All gathered for the ceremony (known as Vaikunta Samaradhane) to mark the conclusion of the mourning period. See the flickr stream Read more from a yogi who was there at LazyMysoreDays blogspot. Huge thanks to elephantbeans, and Drishti Blog [...]


Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois (July 26, 1915 – May 18, 2009) All good things must pass. Nothing lasts forever. Of course. But there are still some things we like to take for granted, that we hope will never leave us. Today we, and yoga dorks all over the world, mourn the passing of modern Ashtanga [...]