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First interactive online yoga class? They’re doing it in Finland, and they’re ready to launch it worldwide. Yoogaia is the company looking to bring interactive yoga classes, not pre-recorded, but live classes like doing a webchat or skype, to people in their homes all over the world. While no one has been able to figure [...]


Leaping lizards! More free yoga! Heads up yogsters, no plans tonight? Tune in to a free online yoga class with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman hosted by longtime partners and yoga biz vets Gaiam. When: Thursday June 24,6-7:30pm MDT, 8-9:30pm EST Where: http://www.gaiamyogaclub.com/live Folks in Denver/Boulder area, you may still have time to sign up [...]


We humans sure do like our lists! And why not? They help us organize and make sense of all the information thrown in our faces on a daily basis. The internets only compound that by 500 million! And how can you possibly navigate the unfathomable depths of Twitter without some assistance? So confusing! Which is [...]


We knew Lululemon had something up their luon for this April Fools, but we didn’t think it would be this cruel. Remember just last week when they baited us to prepare our bare bottoms for internet shopping greatness, with a real date, April 1st! The lollieville squealed with joy. Then last night they taunted us [...]


Profit Drop Hey! Did you join the Lululemon Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2008 Earnings Results Conference Call yesterday? No? Us either! Seriously, who can stand to listen to that monotonous financial dribble drabble? Well, we’re no stock analysts, but we did read a little news today and, unsurprisingly, it seems the Lulubird report is pretty [...]


“Everybody remain calm. Our comfy, stretchy yoga pants are here. Our guru thinks you’re lulu if you spend $90 for yoga pants.” POW right in the kisser. Kind of a playful little ad, no?  “Go Yoga-ing” is all fun and bouncy, makes us feel like  “Go Spelunking” or something. The ad falls in line with [...]


Shhh…can you hear that?…it’s the sound of little lulu lollies tap-tapping their keyboards infusing greatness into the internet … Things sure have been quiet in Lululand, it’s like they’re plotting a devious plan to launch online retail and take over the internets with a blog, or something.   But seriously, elevating the internet “from mediocrity to [...]

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Hey-O! Fire up your online shopping fingers yogums, we have a date! Well, we have a month! April 2009 will see the beginning of a new age, the dawn of the Lulu’s descension on the internet as we know it. We mentioned in Jan the decision to push up their online store launch due to [...]


A new blog isn’t the only thing they have brewing over at the Lululemon greatness laboratory. Athleta be damned! Goals to conquer the internet frontier will unfold sooner than the previously planned Fall 2009 deadline – we’ll see Lulu bound into the e-commerce platform probably around Q2-Q3. Why the scramble? Blame it on the economy [...]