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Yoga on TV

Not an actual photo from the show, but we imagine it to be an accurate depiction. We may get our yoga TV show after all. While we wait on pins and needles for the yoga reality show we’ll have to just be satisfied with an Amazon-produced yoga-based comedy web series coming to a small screen [...]

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Yoga on Jeopardy! Friday night’s Jeopardy! episode had a special category just for us yogadorks. Did you catch it? Did you nerd out as much a we did? Our favorite long-running, Canadian-hosted game show challenged its contestants to meditate (quickly!) on their yoga knowledge and their thumb-to-buzzer reflexes with the “Strike a (Yoga) Pose” category. The yoga category was so [...]


Seasonally appropriate, here’s Ichibod Crane from Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” learning about yoga. The image is from the October 27th episode “And the Abyss Gazes Back,” where our Revolutionary protagonist explores tree pose and headless horseman pose, presumably. Why yoga? Why not? Showrunner Mark Goffman told TVLine that the Crane-meets-yoga “is gonna be great” which is [...]


There may already be a duck pose in yoga, but that won’t stop a major insurance company from co-opting it for their latest ad campaign. It’s Aflac’s new “Duck Does Yoga” commercial, and debuted its little duckie tail feathers on the yoga mat, and television screen, just recently on August 5th. Apparently, the duck is still [...]


Comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias aka ‘Fluffy’ showed Conan O’Brien a few yoga moves Tuesday night and we’re pretty sure a good time was had by all. There were Cats and Cows and Down Dogs and blood-filled pants! Iglesias has Type 2 Diabetes, as he explained to Conan, and his doctor told him he had [...]

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Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” is back with season 2! And if you haven’t already blown through the entire thing, you might not have caught this scene yet — though there is some other prison yoga sprinkled in earlier episodes. No spoilers! “Stress goes right to the spine,” Yoga Jones tells Piper in this [...]


You know we can’t resist a good Yoga Pop moment. Last night’s “The Voice” had pop diva Christina Aguilera imparting some expert wisdom on her singing team, bringing them along to yoga class to open them up and release “stagnant energy.”


What’s it like to be a smartypants yogi on the 30th anniversary season of Jeopardy!? We checked in with author/yoga teacher/punk rocker/three-time Jeopardy! champion Neal Pollack to find out. Today’s foremost yoga murder mystery writer is now a three-time champion and new official Jeopardy! Hall Of Famer – one of only 300 or so contestants in the [...]


Brit actress Kate Beckinsale stays healthy with yoga and all she wants to do is help her pal Chelsea Handler reap the benefits, too. What with all the toxic living, drugs and, uh…penises. Chelsea Handler fans and Chelsea Lately viewers know that the late night talk show host does not shy away from self-deprecating and [...]