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yoga month

Not exactly a flash mob, but it could be the biggest global yoga wave ever. Hang loose yogis! Are you ready to ride? While this kind of stuff can get a bit downward cheesedog, we’re sort of excited about this one. Essentially it’s a global 24 hour yogathon. This is all part of National Yoga [...]


By Sarah Wells Kohl Summer is over, Autumn is here.  The days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting cooler, and the school busses, lunch boxes, and backpacks are everywhere.  It’s September! September is National Yoga Month. It’s also the beginning of the final quarter of #365Yoga.  How have you been doing, yogadorks?  Have you [...]


Happy September! Not only does the ninth month on the calendar mean back to school and shorter days, it’s National Yoga Month! What does that mean? According to the Yoga Health Foundation it means a week of free classes for newbie students and Luna Bar sponsored events throughout the month in your nearby studios (and [...]


September was National Yoga Month! Remember? And the NYM organization put together a mighty video of 25 anointed yoga masters to help promote awareness and also raise money for Yoga-Recess, but had us wondering about these “TITANS”, those that were omitted, and how we hear a clap of thunder every time the word is uttered…strange. [...]


Hey, ‘scuse us, did you know it was yoga month? Yes yes! Have you been celebrating? Practicing under TITAN tutelage? If you’re looking for a way to give back there are two biggie events happening this weekend. First, in conjunction with Yoga Month is the Global Mala for Peace Project, September 18th-19th, an idea and [...]


Hey hey it’s September! It’s Yoga Month! Joy! Elation! Sorry, just trying extra hard here, we know a lot of folks are going back to school, returning from vaca etc. Got to keep the spirits up! The team at Yoga Month HQ this year are bringing the big guns, the TITANS to be exact, to [...]


Look everyone, celebs! Recording music for yoga! A new cd series volume 1 is about to drop, and profits will go towards supporting yoga and fitness programs for underserved youth. It’s The Yoga Revolution! And who are these charitable (superstar) citizens contributing their gift of music? Why none other than the peace-loving likes of Sheryl [...]


We’ve barely felt the sweet sweaty spritzes of summer and we’re already hearing about this year’s yoga month, in September 2010! Though it’s a ways away, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to, especially when that happens to be a day of (mostly)free yoga, awareness and such. So we saw the press [...]


Happy Saturday and last official weekend of the calendar summer. Yep, Sept 22 marks the first day of Autumn, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get in one last shot of summer-style festivities! Tomorrow, Sunday September 20 brings 2009’s Global Mala Yoga for Peace event. The wha? Founded by Shiva Rea, Global Mala is an [...]