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Yoga Mom

And sometimes Celebriyogis warm our yogadorky hearts! Hollywood starlet, perpetual cutie and habitual under-the-radar indie actress, Michelle Williams is speaking out on how yoga practice helped her become a better person and mother. So inspired, Williams has announced she’s opening a Boston area center, Yoga for Single Moms. Ms. Williams explains in Feb’s issue of [...]


eek. Have we arrived so soon at the (very ick sounding) target consumer demographic status? With all the hootin’ and hollerin’ on an earlier post (remember “Yoga Mom”? Suck it bitches?) you may recall that phrase struck quite a few mamas in chakras! In which “Prana Mama” was the badge of choice.  So, what? Are [...]


Well, we sure did receive some amazingly uplifting and inspiringly Spring-y comments for our latest giveaway. yay! But out of all the entries, the award for the bitchin’-ist (in all respects), most interesting, and oddly placed comment, hands down, came from “don’t call me a Yoga Mom” Elaine. We’re not entirely sure if she got [...]