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yoga mats

This guy has a yoga mat for sale. Used once but it’s seen A LOT. Any takers? This hilarious gem has been surfing interwebs for a little while, and we have to say really never gets old. Buckle up for a wild ride down the sweaty, slippery slope of this man’s hot yoga experience recounted with [...]


A rug turns into a yoga mat turns back into a rug. Presto change-o, LED-o! Yet another way yoga is integrated with our everyday lives? Tera, an interactive yoga mat/pretty rug is part of a series of “active furniture” created by the award-winning design team of Lunar Europe. When in use, the circular mat, equipped with [...]


Not your average “sticky mat” this yoga mat made from natural hemp seeks to be your new favorite eco-conscious, sweat-absorbing, washing machine-friendly practice partner. So, hemp. It’s natural, it’s earth-friendly, it has a ton of uses from food to clothing to building materials and, until recently, its growth and harvest was illegal in America. Yep. [...]


Speaking of extraordinary yoga mats, a bunch of MIT students created the nerdiest disco version we’ve ever seen, with all the bells and lights and whistles. It’s called the “Glow” and it literally glows with LED lights and speaks to you with automated instructions. Pretty neat and tech-tastic MIT, but frankly we’re disappointed no one’s [...]


And you’d thought you’d seen it all. Do we really need to say more? OK we will. Because this deserves an explanation. This interesting piece is one of the seven yoga mats designed by contemporary artists that debuted this week at Miami’s swanky artsy, boozy fest, Art Basel. The collection called Grey Area Yoga was [...]


Right, so maybe we’ve already figured out our yogi names, but what about your trusty mat? It’ been with you through thick and thin, the ups and downs, the sweat and the tears, doesn’t it deserve the respect and consideration of a real name? Of course it does! If you’re not sure what your yoga [...]