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yoga mats

Ikea announced their very first yoga products and—rejoice!—you won’t even need an Allen wrench. The Swedish home simplifier cum home assembly rage-inducer has an interesting new collection featuring items designed to soothe your inner beast. The HJÄRTELIG collection, which will be on sale April 2018, features Ikea’s very first yoga mat, plus props like blocks and [...]


Add this to the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” file. When you hear news out of The White House referred to as the “yoga mat incident,” well, you just don’t know what to expect. Unfortunately, it did not involve anyone from the WH getting themselves twisted into compromising positions (they don’t need any help [...]


Sometimes we have to wonder, is this real life? And, more often than ever, this question seems to pop up when reading about new yoga gimmicks doodads and gear. Some are pretty cool and helpful and compliment the evolution of yoga. And some, well, some leave us wondering what in the world people are thinking. [...]


In the market for a yoga mat? You and 20 million other people, apparently! As more Americans focus on wellness and health-consciousness, even more are beginning to practice yoga. According to the Yoga Journal report, it’s actually 20.4 million these days, up from 15.8 million yoga practitioners in 2008. Naturally, this rings super positive for the [...]


This image is positively mesmerizing. A self-rolling yoga mat? It’s one of those age old things: you didn’t know you had a problem until someone suggested a solution. Like you didn’t know there was so much trouble in rolling up your mat until you find out there’s one that does it automatically. This is what [...]


Mmm…algae. Slimy, sticky, creepy algae. Believe it or not, it’s the newest ingredient in your yoga mat and not only is it extremely renewable, it is in abundance, sometimes annoyingly so. While algae isn’t always our friend, it does play an important role in aquatic eco-systems, and not just when it’s a spirulina add-on for [...]


No they don’t have wheels…yet. Some people want to make your yoga mat way funkier than it is, and we’re not talking about a stinky health hazard. (Phew.) These new “fashion yoga mats” from Spiritual Revolution feature designs from many of the artists you’d typically find covering the graffiti’d walls or skateboards at a skate [...]


Do not adjust your screens, we have not achieved scenternet…yet. Though you might want to imagine what it would be like to have a sweet-smelling yoga mat under your noses and toeses. If you’re a yogi and you regularly practice on something called a yoga mat, you’ve probably been exposed to certain undesirable scents you’d [...]


Sci-fi yoga just got real. While we still await the integration of holograms, this super responsive SmartMat that senses your poses and talks to you from a device (read: if Siri taught yoga) is the next best thing upon this here Yogaship Enterprise. Heck, it’s the next best thing to having a real human friend! [...]