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It’s September, back-to-school, Yoga Month, a time for reflections, a time for evaluations, a time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together. Turn, Turn Turn. To everything there is a season! For the Byrds. Well, perhaps this is your season for a taste of detox. Eek! That word brings both a shudder [...]


by J. Brown I have this tendency to be overly provocative, sometimes to a fault. I have managed to temper this but, as discussed last month, changing old patterns requires continued attention. The title of this post is a perfect example. You see, I really wanted to call it “F*** Union with the Divine” but [...]


Didn’t make the NY Yoga Journal Conference? Sorry we missed ya! Kasey Luber was strutting around with her camera capturing the wonder of it all. Lucky for you! Check out some clips below of the conference that was at once full of yoga masters, seekers, eager shoppers, even more eager salesyogis, ugly carpeting, uglier lighting, [...]


OK OK calm down! We know you’re excited. Firstly, we want to wish everyone who took part a huge congrats  for putting your yoga out there and expressing yourself. Of the 3,000+ entrants, here they are the 5 finalists for the Yoga Journal Talent Search. And revealed they are, via YJ: Left to right: Vanessa [...]


Here we go yoginis and blokes! The Yoga Journal Cover Model Talent Contest (ed. note: word from YJ there’s no guarantee of cover) is in voting phase! We put out the call for everyone to submit their photos and represent. Now it’s time to show your support and vote for your favorites! Sure, there are [...]


OK, that’s it! We’ve considered suggestions, pondered requests and have made our decision. We’re on a mission.  Are You The Next Top Yoga Journal Cover Model? Maybe! But for those of you who aren’t chosen for the glossy spotlight we’ve got your rockin’ cover op right here on YD! sort of. It’s the YogaDork (Shadow) [...]


Revolution is afoot! In actuality, it’s happening all the time – evolve and revolve – but as we approach a new dawn in the era of modern day yoga, the spirited yogadorks have spoken and are moved to unite in peaceful protest. Against what? And whom? Why, the powers that be. YD pal and intrepid [...]


Because it’s impromptu dude week after all! There are some spirited stirrings over a MAN on the cover of Yoga Journal March ’11. One commenter went so far as to declare “There is a guy on the cover! The times, they are a changing…” Well. Meet LA yoga teacher and George Clooney’s cousin’s doppelganger, Matt [...]


We know it. Yoga is for everybody, right? Every Body. But, wait! Quick, just imagine for a second the picture of the “perfect” yogi? Who do you see? Is he/she fit, slender and pretty? Are they ready for their close-up for the cover of Yoga Journal? In a culture consumed by body image and fitness [...]