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Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal has announced that it is doing a “reset” on all of its annual conferences. There will be no more Yoga Journal Conferences for the rest of 2017 while they attempt to re-imagine the model and figure out a way to make them relevant and profitable again.


For their 50th anniversary this year, Runner’s World magazine shared their most awkward covers from their five decades of publication. Of the 13 gems, three of them feature yoga, and each come from the years between ’79-81, which means they’re so wonderfully retro, AND uncomfortably awkward. Because let’s be honest, that era was just super awkward [...]


This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on Power, Privilege and Responsibility in Yoga. Read Part 1 here. by Kerri Kauer  Privilege is complex. Because while I have white privilege, I do not have heterosexual privilege. Many images of yogis in popular press, and in advertisements often reflect soft pornography that serves to (hetero)sexualize [...]


…though I’m really starting to wonder if we should even care anymore. Is this thing on? After last month’s kerfluffle over Yoga Journal’s body image problem, who knew they were already priming for their very own “The Body Issue”? While we only have the cover image so far, previewed via YJ’s and cover model Kathryn [...]


Earlier this week YogaDork posted on Yoga Journal’s latest body images issues, aka major problems. In the latest September YJ magazine, an article highlights women with curves, but instead of celebrating them, they’re singled out as flaws and we’re given tips on just the right way to hide them. In short, they got the positive [...]


Yoga Journal has a major body image issue, and I’m not talking about the latest one with Hilaria Baldwin on the cover. Actually, I kind of am, but it goes a lot deeper than that. YD recently posted a peek at the suspected new Yoga Journal website, complete with diet tips and lots of Lululemon [...]


It seems Yoga Journal has been going through a rather interesting transformation lately. Ever since the new Editor-in-Chief, Carin Gorrell, stepped in from SELF Magazine to take over for Kaitlin Quistgaard last fall, there have been big changes at the bendy lady. For one, they recently moved their longstanding offices from the yoga-friendly hippie town of [...]


The 2008 study has finally been eclipsed by new data from a study via Yoga Journal. So how many millions of Americans are down with the yog? A whopping 20.4 million! That’s 8. 7 percent of American adults, a 29 percent increase from 2008’s 15.8 million and a hell of a lot of coconut water. We know because the cash flow heated up like Santa in Bikram class: spending on yoga classes and products, including “equipment, clothing, vacations and media” is estimated at $10.3 billion a year, almost double the previous estimate from the 2008 study at $5.7 billion. We can hear the distant cheers of joy from Tulum and Costa Rica now.


There’s been such a barrage of responses from the yoga community over that article, that the New York Times took it upon themselves to host their own debate. (perhaps to quell the flood of letters to the editor?) Is it tiresome? Yes. Should we still participate? We’re still here, aren’t we? The annoying part is that they headlined the debate: Me, Myself and Yoga – Is Yoga For Narcissists? Really NYT?