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yoga in the classroom

Yoga in the Classroom: Good news! More schools are adding yoga and meditation to their curriculum. Two recent stories from UK’s Daily Mail and Wall Street Journal highlight how more and more kidlets are getting a chance to try fun poses, relax and breathe with yoga programs actually supported by the schools’ administrations. (and, uh…taxes) [...]


File this under category Uh oh. Is Dahn Yoga a cult and is it infiltrating NYC’s public schools?? In our world of yoga(dork) news we’ve reached the conclusion that this malarkey is hardly relevant. Or is it?! When you call it “yoga” you know we’re gonna have something to say. Some of you may be [...]


And now, a message…   Often in yoga class we’re encouraged to hearken back to our days as little kids and *gasp* be playful! Because children are curious and open-minded and natural yogis, with less bills to pay and no concept of 9 to 5 except for maybe breakfast and dinner! As BIG kids we endeavor to redeem that [...]


Oh goodie, lovely news for a lovely Wednesday (it’s Wednesday right?) Brooklyn elementary school PS 217 has added Yoga to the extra-curriculum! And everybody LOVES it. With a little help from PENCIL, the apt and academically titled non-profit org. (whose mission it is to unite and build relationships between businesses and schools), Principal Franca Conti [...]


Mrs. Chris Martin herself was the host of a big charity event in the West Village last night, where yogi celebs united to raise money for Bent On Learning, an NYC yoga organization. Talk about yoga in schools, Bent On Learning tends specifically to NY inner city public schools and youth centers, reaching out to [...]


There are tons of strategies floating around to keep students in their chairs, with some teachers pushing the boundaries of child abuse in their harriedness to keep the kids still. But what if fidgeters were allowed to reign free? Amazingly, The NY Times has a story about new “adjustable-height” desks that allow kids to stand [...]

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A third-grade teacher in Coral Springs, FL leads her students in 5-minute yoga sessions, featuring poses like the lion where the kids get to stick out their tongues and be a little goofy, and deep breathing exercises to increase oxygen flow and attentiveness. Also, a most interesting detail, she first learned yoga taking an online class specially designed to provide instruction [...]


Yoga Balls in the Classroom: Lucky kids! Minnesota middle schoolers are benefiting from research concluding that students have better memory and retention when movement is part of the curriculum. Instead of chairs they sit on balance balls! Meanwhile, we eagerly await the yoga-in-the-classroom research. [Star Tribune] Bikram Endorses CA Desert: In an apparent effort to outdo Swami [...]

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Foiled! News hit last week that some crazy hippie high school teachers in upstate NY were busted for plans to confuse the children and bring them under the mystical spell of a freaky practice called yoga, trying to sway the innocent adolescents into..gasp..hinduism! The audacity! Luckily, some concerned parents and the local Baptist Reverend stepped in to put a stop to the [...]

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