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yoga for kids

Tensions are high, no doubt. But who knew yoga would be the bridge for connection and understanding? OK maybe a lot of us could imagine it. But thinking it and seeing it happen are two completely different things. We were surprised to hear about this undercover yoga operation and so happy to learn it helped [...]


“OOHHH YEAHH! Booyah! Bing bing bing!” might be our favorite answer ever to the question, “Are you ready to try yoga?” These kids trying yoga for the first time is probably a lot like your first time trying yoga: hilarious, awkward, and at times downright outrageous. You want me to put what where? AND breathe? Except [...]


Yoga is still causing problems in school. Actually, we’ll restate that. Yoga is still causing problems for some conservative Christian parents worried that the meditation and “namaste”ing is soiling their children’s beliefs. An elementary school in Georgia is currently putting out religious-related fires between concerned parents, their children and the school’s mindfulness program. Bullard Elementary [...]


Getting my two kids out of bed in the morning is already like trying to rouse hibernating grizzlies. Convincing them that their wake-up routine is now going to start an hour earlier is going to be nearly impossible. I am not looking forward to this.


Whether you’re a teacher or a kid’s yoga teacher, or if the thought of bringing yoga to schools ever once crossed your mind, you’re going to want this book. A collaboration of over 20 experts in the children’s yoga world and the Yoga Service Council, Best Practices For Yoga In Schools is the first book of its kind tackling [...]


Released by the Yoga Service Council, Best Practices for Yoga in Schools involved over 20 experts in children’s yoga to create a first-of-its-kind guidebook for yoga in schools. YD contributor Kelli Love recently chatted with the book’s editors about what it took to put together a book like this, the obstacles involved, its importance in the field of children’s yoga and [...]


The Best Practices for Yoga in Schools is the first book of its kind. It was recently released by the Yoga Service Council as a guide for yoga in schools, and is the first volume in their series of Best Practices guides (next up – yoga for veterans!).


by Mariam Gates Are you feeling it yet? How the beginning of the holiday season can quickly turn yours and your families’ life into a tailspin? This time of year can often feel more like a never-ending list of ‘to dos.’ A pressure cooker exploding with tension for things to be perfect, rather than a [...]


The Yoga Service Council needs our help. And, hey, we know about asking for help. The YSC, the group responsible for gathering together today’s yoga service leaders in the first of its kind annual Yoga Service Conference, the organization highlighting the need for yoga service and encouraging social action and responsibility, is asking for a [...]