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Baby, it’s cold outside. But we think we have something that will warm you up. How about an awesome 75 minutes of yoga, meditation and relaxation wherever and whenever you like? You may want to put your Valentine’s plans on hold. This is heart restoration at its finest. Jillian Pransky’s Calm Body, Clear Mind DVD is one [...]


If you didn’t notice, northern hemisphere, it’s winter out there! And while we may all still be thawing our toes out enough to fully wiggle them, we’re so happy to be bringing you more reasons to hunker down on your mat for a brief stint of much needed hibernation, even if it’s just for minutes [...]


One of the most frequent questions I get as a yoga teacher is “what yoga DVD would you recommend for my mom/friend/partner/sister/aunt/etc?” Most of these individuals are brand new yogis or have never practiced.


Like many yogis, you probably have a shelf full of dusty yoga DVDs — the well-worn favorites and the ‘What was I thinking?!’s. We understand. Everybody loves a down home practice, but sadly these rejected titles will never make it to grace the bottom of the DVD clearance bin (can’t imagine why). Alas, some truly [...]