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Yoga Dudes

Question of the day: Do yoga classes separated by gender help or hinder yoga’s accessibility? In other words, is the “Broga”-fication of yoga making it more approachable to guys or is it just another douchey construct further enforcing a false definition of male vs female yoga? A writer for Bustle, a women’s interest website, might [...]


This video is called “Guys Try Yoga for the First Time,” but, guys, we really want to know, is this what yoga is like for you? From the folks at Buzzfeed, the video shows a few dudes stepping onto the mat for the first time resulting in a dubious combo of confused faces, super tight [...]


Clemson University’s football coach shows us his unique style of yoga in this cute promotional video from the school’s sports department. The usually intense Coach Brent Venebles’ leads a somewhat intense, yet relaxed-ish yoga class with a bunch of willing, and maybe a tad confused, students. The YouTube description reads:  “Coach Venables isn’t always the [...]


What happens when three pro wrestlers try to practice yoga in the ring? Tight bods, wobbles, and farts, apparently! Yes, their form is a bit off, but it’s somewhat charming these TNA wrestlers are earnestly demonstrating what they’ve learned in yoga class – “Down Dog” one dude says….”Yeah, Downward Dog,” another dude corrects. Hey guys, it’s Downward [...]


And then, MenInYogaPants.com. Because surely we could all agree there just aren’t enough men in yoga pants, nor pictures of men in yoga pants on the internets. Perhaps in proper response to the heinous multitude of sites dedicated to women in yoga pants, NY photographers Robert and Jacqueline decided it was time to give men [...]


Well, fish and chips, if this video of England National Rugby guys practicing yoga doesn’t have us rightly chuffed! These days it’s not just American pro athletes taking the benefits of yoga seriously as a true way to stretch, breathe, relax, rehabilitate and pre-habilitate, preventing injuries on and off the field. Props for the blocks. [...]


You made me a…shadooooowboxer yogi. When it comes to what seems to be a never ending stream of yogamalgamations, boxing doesn’t really rank high on the list as most malleably harmonizing. But, hey, with yoga’s growing ubiquity at fitness centers and gyms across the country and George Foreman III’s apparent affinity for the practice (or its [...]

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The world watched former paratrooper Arthur Boorman transform from a Gulf War vet who could barely walk to a lean mean headstanding yoga machine. He did it with a hell of a lot of will power, better nutrition and DDP Yoga. That’s Diamond Dallas Page – former pro wrestler turned yogapreneur – Yoga. We talked to Arthur, and [...]

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OMG we love this so much. Tough, courageous, life-risking firefighters of the hard streets of Newark, of all places, are finding a way to stretch, de-stress and breathe with yoga. Good old Jersey. “Firefighters need to learn how to de-stress,” said yoga instructor Debby Kaminsky. “Working with firefighters is similar to working with military PTSD [...]