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Yoga Crime

It’s true. The tragic murder that took place at a Bethesda, MD Lululemon store two years ago, the gruesome details that surfaced thereafter and the sad conclusion of loss and life without parole will be turned into a book, The Washington Post has reported.


A gloomy end and justice served for the tragic murder that occurred at the Bethesda, MD Lululemon store back in March of 2011. Almost a year later, Lululemon employee Brittany Norwood has been sentenced for the brutal killing of fellow worker Jayna Murray with life in prison, no option for parole.


We haven’t been posting on the murder trial play by play because it’s pretty much too terrible to report. But if you’re familiar with the horrific events that occurred at the Bethesda, Md. Lululemon store back in March, you may be interested to know that the 29-year-old Brittany Norwood, the woman charged with the killing [...]


Holy smokes, this is just awful news. YD, in bringing you all the yoga news worthy of mention to keep you informed, this is just tragic. Bethesda, MD. Police are still on the search for two masked men who murdered one employee and assaulted another in what is suspected to be a burglary attempt that [...]


Huge news yoga fans. If you’ve been following the story, Steven Jon Roger, of Aspen CO has been found guilty on two counts of unlawful sexual contact and must register as a sex offender. Via Aspen Daily News: A jury of four men and two women convicted former yoga instructor Steven Roger on Tuesday night [...]


Ay caramba! What a way to end the week! Tonight on “20/20”: Did Standish, Maine yoga teacher Linda Dolloff stage a home invasion, beat her husband Jeff to near-death with a baseball bat and shoot herself in the abdomen in a further cover-up effort? Yes indeed! Say investigators and the jury who found her guilty. The [...]


NYC yogis, turn on your burgl-dar! A thief is running rampant robbing Manhattan shops and restaurants, and he hasn’t spared the yoga stops! Among the 22(!) targets, since late last month, of barber shops, beauty salons and fast food chains, was Pure Yoga on the Upper East Side! The yoga studio on 86th St. was [...]


More lawsuits! Improper adjustments! This time not as naughty as you’re thinking. Can we just be happy for a moment this is not about sexual assault? OK…moving on. It’s suddenly a rocky road for Boulder, CO studio Yoga Workshop, Richard Freeman‘s joint (he and his wife relinquished ownership and management earlier this year update: they [...]


We’ve drawn some heat over coverage of the Graspin’ Aspen Yoga teacher scandal – as if this isn’t an incredibly important topic that yogadorks great and small should be aware of and feel open to discuss. This is the world we live in! And for the record, we do not wish ill to the accused [...]