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Yoga Competition

Limber up, folks. The Yoga Olympics are inevitable. We’ll just leave this right here: Think you can do a perfect surya namaskar? You could be up for a medal later this year. International Yoga Day promises to be bigger and better, with “Olympic-type” competition likely to be on the cards. That’s from Friday’s Economic Times. “We are [...]


It’s not a Bikram Yoga Competition, organizers insist, but it looks an awful lot like a Bikram Yoga Competition. It’s the Yoga Asana Championships and they’re coming to New York this weekend (as well as Colorado and Nevada. Arizona had theirs this past weekend. Minnesota will be later this month. The national championship will come in March). [...]


Yoga Asana Championship. Three little words that will ruffle many a yogi’s crow pose. For all intents and purposes we’re glad Rajashree Choudhury wrote this piece to try to clear up a few things around competitive yoga, because we’ll be darned if we ever quite get it. As the wife of controversial and real life yoga [...]


Pole dancing and Yoga in the Olympics? We had this conversation (and YD poll, appropriately) back in 2010. It didn’t happen for 2012, but the crusaders are still afoot.


Yoga competitions. Oxymoron? Many believe so, while others make it a point to bring their yoga on stage to compete on a regular basis. Bikram of course, being the prominent style in the US to host yoga competitions, has the hopes and the chutzpah to bring yoga to the ultimate global competition, the Olympics.


Bikram’s Yoga Asana Championships are really picking up steam – we may even see it (competitive yoga) in the Olympics! Of course, lotsa yogadorks are wondering if this is a serious push and just how close they are to persuading the International Olympic Committee to come to the sweaty side.


Speaking of Yog-Olympians… Today more buzzworthy mutterings of yoga headed to London 2012! Bikram and Co have been working tirelessly for the past few years, forging their hot yoga torch in hopes of making asana a sport in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games, but will they succeed? We pointed out how what a crrrazy coincidence [...]


Yesterday we were musing about lululemon‘s stronghold on the color red and ganking of the Olympic Spirit. Today we have the world yoga cup live on our internets! It’s the USA Yoga Asana Championship! And it’s kicked off the same day as the opening to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. A coincidence? Is it [...]


We’ve been causing a ruckus with the Competitive Yoga discussion lately, and even heard back from team Bikram about it! Today we’re just going to shut our yogadorky mouths and ogle. The New York Times trekked out to the New York Regional Yoga Championship a few weeks ago and captured the event with some insightful [...]