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Yoga Cocktail Party

Are you one of those mat-toting martini-soaking epicurean yogi infidels? Cheers! You came to the right blog post.“Yoga for Foodies” has hit the NY Times (When Chocolate and Chakras Collide) – it’s officially a trend! Even Gawker had to chime in. And really, what’s better than sweating it up on the yoga mat detoxifying your [...]


Here’s a fun one! On this Wednesday afternoon – as we’re pining for Friday to get here already! – comes the eternal question of the (happy) hour, “To booze or not to booze before yoga class?” “Asanas on Ice” wrote in to Chow.com with the query, requesting an ethical/health check on pre-yoga buzz form A [...]


somewhere over the rainbow… ‘Moron’ the real yoga discussion: Are you a Yog-Gay? Are you ready to get into a heated bunched-panties discussion about the moral implications of Yoga and Homosexuality? Elephant Journal’s ringmaster Waylon Lewis takes on the debate with great form. So which are you, hedonistic heathen or forbidding puritan? Clearly it’s cut [...]

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Now who says we yogis can’t enjoy a little liquid spirits every now and then. Baby it’s cold out outside so here are some holiday cocktail ideas to warm your bellies! The Original YogaDork Holiday Yogini Martini™ Ingredients for 1 serving: 2 cups crushed ice 4 ounces vanilla chai concentrate, such as Oregon Chai. Or [...]

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