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Yoga Bear

Now THAT’s a headline. Gerton, NC resident Ruth MacNair was just taking her routine jog through the woods when all of a sudden she was face to face with an angry mama bear in attack mode to protect her cubs. Needless to say, it was not Yogi! With limited options of escape – there’s a [...]


Been looking for an excuse to break out the cam and shoot your own yoga videos? Here it is. All of November is YogaBear’s CinemAsana Film Festival! And it’s up to YOU to make it happen. YogaBear is a fabulous non-profit organization taking on a mission to bring yoga to those whose lives have been [...]


Did you enjoy the ‘Real Yogi Bear’ pics? Incredible yogadorableness! We found a few youtube videos of stretching bears too – they love it! And now somehow channel 9 news has video of what we’re led to believe are the bears from the Finland Zoo, or at least A zoo, doing yoga. Seeing them in [...]

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This year’s Yogapalooza is upon us! Yogapa-wha? It’s the third annual multi-city yoga event to raise awareness and funds for Yoga Bear, an inspiring non-profit org promoting wellness and healing for cancer survivors, and all those impacted by it, through the practice of yoga. inhale. And thanks to science, we know how yoga can profoundly [...]


What a freaky week! We’ve been attacked on all sides! Vicious competitive yoga, Playboy yoga bunnies, we can’t even eat granola anymore – our world has turned upside down! If you clicked on that Playboy Naked Yoga link by the way, judge yourself harshly. just kidding!  Well it’s Halloween weekend, the final days of October [...]


We were just discussing the merits of doctors suggesting yoga to their patients. Granted, that was in TV-land, so let’s change that dial to something we like to call real life. It’s harder than it looks, and it’s even harder when this living thing involves coping with an often debilitating disease like cancer. Not only [...]


Hey you fabulous New Yorkers, we know you’ve been itching for a chance to give back. And these days we know some of you may be scratching the bottom of your wallets, right? SO we are quite happy to present a chance to contribute without breaking the bank, and also have a ball at the [...]


Have you heard of Yoga Bear? They’re a non-profit org promoting healthy living and offering yogic support for those whose lives have been affected by cancer. We yogadorks are huge fans! We’ve mentioned them before as Yoga Heroes giving back, and since it’s a pretty awesomely heroic week so far, we thought we’d give em [...]

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Who can’t wait for the weekend, raise your hand! Almost holiday time! Whether you’re busy selling your chametz to the Easter bunny or just looking forward to those precious couple days off, we hear ya. Effin A. But while we’re all still holding tight here’s some heads up events-y stuff: Clothe Your Hind with Yoga [...]