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yoga ban

Yet another school has banned yoga pants! Administrators at St. Joseph High School in Barrhaven, Ottawa say yoga pants are too tight and revealing, which is in violation of the school’s dress code and are sending students home to change, or handing out suspensions to those who don’t comply. The following statement was issued by [...]


With all these world record yoga events and baited sun breaths waiting for the Eat, Pray, Love merchandising avalanche, have we really forgotten about the Fatwa? The wha? Hey, watch your language! No, really, at the end of 2008 and early ’09 we had fatwas flying out from every direction. OK, mostly the east. To [...]


Today is the final hurrah for the week-long Bali Yoga Festival in Indonesia. (cheers from the YD gallery). Did you go? Why didn’t you take us?? Anyway, Fest organizers set their sites on raising awareness and promoting “spiritual tourism” in the face of a looming fatwa, and overall it proved to be a success – [...]


Ok so which one of you misanthropes thought Indonesia wasn’t serious about yoga? Cause they are SO serious. And now they have the obligatory foundation to prove it!  The Bali Yoga Festival has been a success so far and a highlight to yesterday’s festivities was the announcement of  the inception of their first yoga association. [...]

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Boy the air seems a little thick with gloom today, eh? let’s see if we can’t cheer us up with some news bits positivity. Belinda Carlisle Go-Go’s to Yoga (heh):  Former Go-Go’s pop star, Belinda Carlisle (remember her? she had some big solo hits in the 80s too) is currently enjoying stress-free prep for Dancing [...]


The Biggest Yogi for Weight Loss: Last week on the NBC reality show The Biggest Loser, housemates explored the the effects of yoga for weight loss, and the popular realization that yoga is harder than it looks. We’re not regular viewers of the show, but the clip of show trainer Bob Harper encouraging the group [...]


More news from the far east: Muslims in Indonesia are basically flat out ignoring the latest fatwa on yoga (and smoking) with an air of “who cares?” [regarding the smoking ban for minors and pregnant women] It didn’t matter that the clerics were providing sound health guidance. The council of clerics that interprets Sharia, or [...]


According to an article in today’s TIME, the Indonesia yoga ban doesn’t seem to be flustering too many yogis in the country as classes continue without much of a hitch. Indeed, women like Evita Dwiandiya, another student at Jakartadogyoga, say they will continue to attend their weekly yoga classes. “This is not a mass movement [...]

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In light of recent yoga ban news in Indonesia, the world’s foremost yog spokesguru Swami Ramdev has been quoted in his support of a non-religion encroaching practice. While some Islamic scholars and government officials say just do yoga without the chanting, Ramdev goes the fill-in-the-blank route: Yoga guru Swami Ramdev had earlier said that one [...]